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Questions to Ask Your GP During Pregnancy

50 questions you should ask your GP or Midwife during pregnancy and childbirth.

1. Once I have found out that I am pregnant, when is the best time to call the doctor?

2. When do the symptoms of pregnancy become noticeable?

3. Is it possible to be pregnant and still have my period?

4. How can I tell if the symptoms I'm having are normal?

5. I know that labour pains can be powerful what are the options for pain relief?

6. Can you please explain what an epidural is and when would it be used?

7. Are there any foods that should be avoided during pregnancy?

8. What, if any viruses are harmful to my unborn baby and how can I avoid them?

9. How might viruses be treated during pregnancy?

10. What are the key documents to travel with on the way to the hospital?

11. How many months do I have to be into my pregnancy before I have to stop flying?

12. Is there any specific medication I need to have when travelling during my pregnancy, if so, what are the best ones?

13. Is sex during pregnancy harmful to my baby?

14. What activities, if any, should I avoid during my pregnancy?

15. I would like to take yoga classes, is this ok and are there any specific techniques I ought to avoid?

16. What keep fit exercises are ok for me to do during pregnancy?

17. Naturally I would like to avoid food poisoning and diarrhoea when travelling during pregnancy what is your advice on this?

18. What is folic acid and should I be taking this during pregnancy?

19. Are there any specific vitamins I should be taking more of?

20. What is an entopic pregnancy?

21. I'm Pregnant and Still Nursing My Toddler - Must I Wean Now?

22. What are some common discomforts experienced during pregnancy?

23. What are the effects of smoking during pregnancy?

24. How much caffeine is safe during pregnancy?

25. Can I color my hair whilst pregnant?

26. Are jacuzzi's safe during pregnancy?

27. Can I use a sauna/steam room during pregnancy?

28. How will my body change?

29. Where can I have my baby?

30. I would like to have my baby in water, what are the benefits of this?

31. I have hay fever and I would normally take medication, is this O.K. during pregnancy?

32. Can I pass on a virus to my unborn baby?

33. I'm planning to get pregnant. What can I do to avoid viral infections?

34. How can I cope with colds and flu during pregnancy?

35. I am pregnant and have just been exposed to a child with chickenpox. What effect will the virus have on my unborn baby?

36. I am pregnant and have just been advised I have a sexually transmitted disease what will the impact of this be on my baby?

37. Is it safe for me to travel?

38. Is it safe for my new born baby to fly?

39. How much weight should I gain?

40. What do you recommend for morning sickness?

41. I have been eating a lot of high alkaline foods, mainly green vegetables and green superfood supplements, is this still O.K.?

42. I am thinking of feeding my baby added calcium soya milk, once I stop breast feeding, what are your views on this?

43. How can HIV affect my unborn baby?

44. Will vaccinations harm my baby?

45. What might cause bleeding in pregnancy?

46. How many scans can I have during pregnancy?

47. How will I know when labour has begun?

48. What are the benefits and disbenefits of the MMR vaccination?

49. Can my allergies be passed onto my baby?

50. Add to this list with your own ideas of great questions to ask your GP / Midwife during pregnancy and childbirth.

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