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Get Pregnant Naturally Fertility Chart Method

The natural fertility method on how to get pregnant works by observing the body as it moves through the menstrual cycle.

Women who are trying to get pregnant naturally use a menstrual chart to do so. With this chart she will be able to record the signs that will indicate when she is at her most fertile. It is an easy way to increase your chances to get pregnant. This information will also aid your doctor determining any problems you may be experiencing in falling pregnant.

If you have decided to use the natural fertility chart method to get pregnant, perhaps you have already been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for some time and are already aware you may have infertility issues.

Most doctors will not refer you to a specialist for investigation of infertility until you have been trying to get pregnant for the obligatory 12 month period. Charting your menstrual cycle highlights your most fertile time of the month and the best time to try to get pregnant is immediately before ovulation occurs.

The natural fertility method on how to get pregnant works by observing the body as it moves through the menstrual cycle.

There are several methods of determining fertility indicators which include basal body temperature, vaginal mucus, menstrual calendar and new urine testing for the LH surge.

You could become pregnant quickly by using one of the natural fertility methods, the BBT, uses a basal body temperature thermometer, which is different from one used for a fever. A woman's temperature is taken before getting out of bed in the morning to mark the slight increase in temperature that is experienced just at ovulation. The temperature is steady throughout the first half of the cycle and then rises just at ovulation. The progesterone release after ovulation causes the temperature to rise by about 1/2 of a degree Fahrenheit. This confirms that an egg has been released but doesn't predict ovulation, but by speculating that the same pattern will occur next month we can hope this is the answer how to get pregnant quickly.

When you purchase a basal thermometer the company often encloses instructions for its use. Most supply a menstrual calendar too. This allows a woman to start without delay the very next morning to record her temperature and changes to her cervical mucus on the chart. You will normally need to do this over several months when you are trying to get pregnant, so it would be helpful to run of a copy or two of these charts in advance.

A woman's cervical mucus will change during the menstrual cycle and becoming aware of these changes will help to improve your chances of determining your most fertile times helping you to get pregnant. Using this natural fertility method you would think of the cervical mucus as either resisting or allowing sperm to penetrate the cervix. When the mucus is wet and slippery it is much easier for the sperm to get through than when it is drier and thick.

It is a true saying, everyone is different. You have to get to know your body intimately to become aware of your own mucus distinctions. An interesting fact is that the odour or smell of the mucus changes at various times through the cycle too.

Observation is only necessary of the mucus at the vaginal aperture. By simple observation when going to the toilet and by wiping after urinating you can see when the thickness of the mucus changes, important indicators when you are trying to get pregnant. Monitoring at specific times is not a requirement. Regular checks are the key to successfully recognising when the mucus changes from dry and thick to wet and slippery showing increased fertility.

It is important to chart all these observations with your temperature changes when trying to get pregnant. If you find that you don't have a rise in temperature during several months and/or the cervical mucus isn't changing you will want to make an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist. You may be having difficulty with ovulation.

By charting your basal body temperature from the start of your period, you will be able to forecast when ovulation is likely to occur within one or two days. A raised temperature for over 18 days in succession means success in becoming pregnant.

After being on the pill or using other contraceptive methods it can be a bit disappointing if you are trying to get pregnant and not succeeding. But what you should be aware of is that in the western world 1 in 6 people who are trying to conceive are having the same difficulties. Lots of reasons have been blamed for this like, modern diet and trans fats, stress, nicotine and caffeine etc.

How then are we supposed to know what to avoid and the right lifestyle to live in order to get pregnant? See How to Get Pregnant: Tips to Help Conceive for tips on conceiving.

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