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Psoriasis Treatment Breakthrough?

These findings by Dr Mosovich and his team more than two decades ago ignited a feeling that jojoba could and should be developed into a beneficial product for psoriasis relief.

Therapeutic Use Of Jojoba for Psoriasis

Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax that is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba bush. Originally a native of the Sonoran Desert of South West USA and Mexico, its long traditions in Native American uses led to the development of commercial plantations in Israel, the USA, Australia and Argentina.

Dr Mosovich said in his paper: "About 40 volunteers, in our laboratories, tried using jojoba wax for chapped hands and against sunburn with very good response, and no allergenic reaction. We started our studies on the assumption that jojoba wax could ease certain skin diseases"

He also indicated that:

"The known lack of toxicity for human beings induced us to test jojoba oil in two groups of volunteers affected with dermatological processes of high cosmetic and esthetic significance. The first group consisted of 35 patients affected with acne vulgaris. Their condition was "cystic" or "purulent" and seemed to be most resistant to customary treatments."

He noted that "Patients willingly returned as they felt that the facial treatments were useful"

"A second group of 27 patients suffered from psoriasis vulgaris. This condition is characterised by excessive scaling (turn over) and is very resistant to conventional therapeutics. The keratoplastic and keratolytic action of jojoba oil suggested that it might be used as additional treatment. The use of steroids in the treatment of this condition is expensive, cumbersome, and may have secondary effects. Jojoba oil may be recommended in certain cases of psoriasis, such as those affecting the scalp".

Treatment of Psoriasis vulgaris

Under this heading, Dr Mosovich's paper outlined:

"The experience obtained during studies of acne patients, as earlier reported, showed positive keratoplastic and also slight keratolytic effects, ease and convenience of use, and no side effects. These induced us to study the effect of this ointment for treatment of patients suffering from Psoriasis vulgaris. This illness is frustrating for the physician and the patient, is most unaesthetic and is incurable. The treatment which seems to help one patient has no effect on another, and for this reason it is called heartbreak disease."

"The psoriasis histological phenomenon consists of parakeratosis, which could affect several areas of the body. The condition follows an irregular cyclic pattern - improvements followed by declines. The treatment usually used should help to peel the hard scales. Of the medicines used today, some are very expensive and include hormones, such as fluocinonide; the others are classical medicines such as mineral oil or coal tar derivatives, some of which are very greasy, black and, thus, unpleasant for daily use."

"The patients treated: a group of 27 volunteer patients aged 12 to 60 were treated, eighteen of them for psoriasis of the scalp, as other medications used for this illness are not very effective. The illness causes hard itching, open sores and hair clumping." "Ointment specifications: the lipidic water immiscible ointment contains refined jojoba wax esters in cis and trans forms. "Method of treatment: The ointment was massaged lightly on the scalp, twice a day, with no immediate hair wash. The patient returns for first control after one week, and for subsequent checks once a month."

"Results: light spreading of the ointment on the scalp or the effected area permits the removal of dandruff or scales, separates the hairs from each other and causes softening of the skin. The area remains erithematosous. However in several of the cases the scales reappear after a time. There are no adverse effects on the skin. In all cases we could positively say that the treatment helped, at least initially, which is not always the case with other classical treatments. The patients begin to use the jojoba ointment willingly as it has no bad odour, and is not greasy; treatment can be carried out during the daytime,"

"It seems, therefore, that jojoba ointment could be a good medication for psoriasis in addition to other recognised medications against the disease."

Potential for Psoriasis Relief

These findings by Dr Mosovich and his team more than two decades ago ignited a feeling that jojoba could and should be developed into a beneficial product for psoriasis relief. In those early days we, at Premium, were involved in this nascent industry. Having established commercial jojoba plantations in Australia, we developed natural refining processes that delivered a 100% pure super fine jojoba moisturiser product, now called LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser.

We commissioned a University in Sydney to undertake further research into the qualities of the product in order to further understand its applications and potential benefits to the human skin. The university identified a remarkable quirk of nature... the molecular structure of the product has an amazing similarity to "sebum wax" - the skin's own lubricant.

It is also extremely stable to oxidation and therefore addition of anti-oxidants is not required. It does not need any preservatives, additives or perfumes, which can often cause allergies or skin irritation and it is refined to anti bacterial standards.

From reading literature on psoriasis, I understood the importance of lubricating the skin in order to minimise dryness, scaling and itchiness. I made it my quest to research potential treatments and cures and to bring awareness and relief to psoriasis sufferers. Used by Psoriasis Sufferers.

A growing number of people with various irritated skin conditions (ranging from light to extreme) are now reporting that regular application of Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser is bringing considerable relief when many other treatments have brought only frustrating disappointments.

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