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Stop Smoking Methods Tips to Quit Smoking

It is no secret to the many people who have tried before, putting an end to the bad habit of smoking can be one of the most demanding trials one can face. This article examines methods available today to help you quit smoking.

Tobacco is responsible for the death of 1 in 10 adults all over the world, which translates to around 5 million deaths every year. The disease mainly strikes the cardiovascular system, resulting to heart attack, respiratory tract diseases, and even cancer. Regardless of the risks of smoking cigarettes, to quit smoking is not an easy task, yet it is possible.

Sometimes leading to several attempts to quit without the needed result. Smoking can eventually become more than a habit, and more than an addiction. It can be evaluated as a progressive disability that will without a doubt lead to disease.

What once was a social habit may now harm your social life as your clothes constantly smell like smoke. At the same time you are deliberately polluting your lungs and the rest of your body while poisoning your mind with the art of addiction. Smoking eventually leads to completely replacing your real needs with cigarettes, you smoke instead of eating and can no longer run like you used to. By all means there is nothing good or cool about smoking and you should not convince yourself or allow others to convince you otherwise.

Smoking kills your body, it burns the inside of your throat and lungs leaving you damaged and open to health problems, all this by choice. The list of bad things it can do to your body can literally go on forever so why continue?

Will you allow an addiction to take away your life and overall health?

What is worst, a few weeks of suffering, or a lifetime rendered short? These are not questions you should ask, you should already know the most logical answer. You should act at once and fight that part of you that wants to smoke, see it as an enemy and fight it without mercy, or even better ignore it. If you think you can fight it then you can, if you feel you are stronger then the addiction, then you may just be able to leave it behind and adapt to living a healthy life.

Quitting smoking allows you to get back to enjoying food again without the constant need of a cigarette. See how much better it is when what you are consuming everyday is good for you, and not meant to kill you.

For those of you who feel that stopping smoking from one minute to the next is impossible, which is without a doubt the best way, then you can get some help through your doctor and prescriptions. One thing is for sure, it has to stop.

Methods to Help Quit Smoking

If you are struggling with the nicotine withdrawal instead of lighting up a cigarette and falling of the wagon look into nicotine replacement products instead. There are many great products on the market today ranging from gums to patches. The idea is not to create a new dependence on these nicotine substitutes. Instead of buying the gum or patches and using it to systematically reduce your nicotine addiction, use it on a need to use basis.

Smoking Patches -One of the most popular ways to stop smoking is by using the patches, which is in most cases placed on your arm.

What this does is it will insert calculated amounts of nicotine inside of your body to feed you the nicotine your body demands. With time the amounts are reduced until they eventually become non existent. This will in a way help to stop your urge to smoke by slowly getting rid of the chemicals that your body is asking for without taking it away in one instant. At the same time it is discreet and can be hidden under your sleeves.

All you have to do is follow the plan and let time do it's work. This product has been widely used and has proved to be efficient for many.

Some have even claimed that it can make the symptoms practically disappear making the process a lot easier. Like any other tool meant to help quitting, you must be determined to stop as this will not work by itself.

Nicorette patches should be applied to a clean, dry, non-hairy, non-irritated area of skin on the hip, chest or upper arm in the morning. Remove the patch after 16 hours (usually at bedtime) and in the morning apply a new patch to a different area of skin. Avoid using the same skin site on consecutive days. Do not wear more than one patch at a time. Do not cut the patches.

Do not apply the patches to broken, red or irritated skin.

If you exercise while wearing a nicotine patch the amount of nicotine absorbed into your bloodstream may increase, which could increase the side effects of nicotine.

If you get a severe or persistent skin reaction, such as severe redness, itching, rash, hives or swelling after using these patches, you should stop using them and consult your doctor for advice.

Make sure you do not leave unused or used Nicorette patches where children can reach them. Doses of nicotine that are tolerated by adult smokers during treatment can produce severe symptoms of poisoning in small children and may prove fatal. Fold used patches in half so the sticky side is inside and put them inside the opened sachet, or in a piece of tinfoil. Dispose of used patches carefully, away from children and animals, as they will still contain some nicotine.

Non Nicotine patches - The non nicotine patches may be one of the best ways to stop smoking, instead of feeding nicotine to the body it will try to eliminate it. Instead of slowly diminishing on nicotine doses you can render the withdrawal symptoms as short as possible by quickly solving the real problem. The non nicotine patches deliver all natural products to your body with the sole purpose of removing all nicotine traces and smoke toxins out of your blood as fast as possible to save you from several week of detoxification. So why keep feeding the addiction when you can push it right out of your body? Non nicotine patches are considerably cheaper to buy.

Acupuncture -Acupuncture is said to help fight the harsh symptoms that manifest themselves once you decide to quit smoking.

You are diagnosed before the treatment and every session is individualized depending on what symptoms you feel the most. This works by stimulating your body's natural energy points, your body takes charge and boosts it's own metabolism to its natural state.

With no wild swings in your body's chemistry the symptoms related to the lack of nicotine are greatly reduced.

Zyban and Chantix Pills -These pills can help reduce the urge to smoke by a considerable amount. Once you start taking the Zyban pills, you should also proceed to giving yourself a smoking deadline of approximately 2 weeks.

The active ingredient in ZYBAN is bupropion, a drug also used to treat depression. This will take away anxiety, stress, and will help fight the will to smoke.

An other option can also be Chantix which is now known as one of the best non-nicotine smoking cessation drugs on the market. The ingredients and mode of action of both Zyban and Chantix are different.

Choose which of the two smoking cessation drugs suit you the most and stop smoking today. Do speak with your doctor before using any of these prescriptions, some side effects may exist.

Nicorette Gums -This basically follows the same principles as the smoking patches only it comes as gum.

You can absorb Nicotine in this way as the amounts of nicotine slowly decrease over time. It is not to be chewed like normal gum, it has been mentioned that one of the best ways to do it is to chew for a few seconds, then simply place in a corner inside of your mouth where the nicotine can be absorbed. It is best when kept for a time of approximately 30 minutes.

After a few weeks have passed you may switch to less potent gum, allowing you to slowly be freed from the addiction in a more subtle manner. The classic taste of the first original Nicorette flavor was not very inviting. Fortunately they now come in different flavors so that you can escape that classic taste it originally had. So enjoy the gum and drop the cigarette!

Hypnosis -This has been a valid alternative for many people in the past, hypnosis can either lessen your desire to smoke or increase your will to stop, and will in most cases work.

It promotes a strong mind which is needed in the process of quitting tobacco use. You can also learn how to use the power of self hypnosis to be in control again, helping you not only with the end of your smoking habit but also to face everyday life complications.

So why not knock two birds with the same stone and have yourself some fun with the art of hypnosis. You can see it as a course of better self control and mental acuteness, use it on your cigarette problem and have it recycled afterwards in other issues you may encounter.

It's not just a therapy, it can be useful to learn. It gives you the ability to have yourself a down to earth brainwash bringing your objectives a little closer, getting your mind to work for you instead of against you.

Laser Therapy - Many have pointed out that laser therapy has an extremely high success rate. It is said that the success rate is between 85% and 94%, in which the patient has no desire to smoke after the first treatment which can last approximately an hour. What this does is something that resembles acupuncture, by reaching important energy sources in your body they stabilize your system and make quitting so much easier by eliminating possible obstacles. For example it is said that after the treatment a euphoric sensation can be felt for a certain amount of time, basically nullifying the bad sensations that the smoking cessation will cause. If all this is true, then it can be one step to take so that you can quit smoking, it may also be the only step you have to take after all else has failed.

Herbal Cigarettes - This is an attempt to replace tobacco cigarettes with herbal cigarettes which in turn do not contain nicotine. These herbal cigarettes are generally made from less harmful plants without the addition of poisonous chemicals. Although it may be better than the nicotine cigarettes it still poses a danger to your body, as any smoke from any substance which is inhaled is no good for you. The best way
herbal cigarettes can help you quit smoking is if you try to inhale the least as possible and smoke it only for as long a your nicotine addiction goes away. In this manner make it temporary only to succeed in quitting every aspect of smoking, and not to replace tobacco cigarettes with herbal cigarettes as it will turn out to be just as bad.

Nicotine Lozenge and Inhaler - Here is the fastest way to supply nicotine to your brain without actually smoking a cigarette. The patch can take several hours before taking affect but the candy and inhaler make it happen in minutes. This helps you have more control over the dosage, to avoid feeling the withdrawal symptoms. The candy can last a few minutes and is not to be chewed on or crushed as the immediate dose of nicotine would be a little too strong, but by just playing around with it in your mouth for a few minutes you can achieve the desired result of cheating nicotine so that you don't have to inhale poisonous smoke to obtain it. As for the inhaler many prefer it a lot more due to it's similarity with smoking a cigarette, all in all these methods may make it easier for you to stop smoking, follow the plan while eventually lowering the dosage and all should go well. By the time you've succeeded you'll be living a healthy life and have forgotten all about the pain these cigarettes may have brought to you and your family.

Fake Cigarettes -Something you can do to relieve the physical dependance of having a cigarette up to your mouth, is either using a fake cigarette or an unlit cigarette. Pretend to be smoking without actually doing so until your mind can skip to something else. This can help ease the immediate distress you may be feeling during a craving.

Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?

Foremost, this is because most smokers become addicted to the nicotine contained in tobacco products. Nicotine has a deadly addictive power. When a person smokes a cigarette, nicotine particles find their way to the lungs through inhalation. From there, nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream just like the oxygen people breathe. It travels with the blood to the brain where it locks onto certain receptor areas. Dopamine is then released into the brain. This is the chemical that makes the smoker feel a euphoric sensation. Smokers find it difficult to quit smoking because they come to be dependent on this good feeling. And, this leads to dependence - addiction.

A person who attempts to quit smoking may experience withdrawal symptoms. Topping the bill of withdrawal symptoms is depression. With the absence of the chemical that produces the relaxing feeling, the brain becomes distressed without it. Other withdrawal symptoms from smoking include: Headaches dizziness, and nausea Shakes, chills Cough, dry throat nasal drip Hunger, fatigue Constipation, gas or stomach pain, and Insomnia

Not knowing what to do with their hands is another common complaint among people trying to quit smoking. Once people get hooked, smoking becomes a big part of their lives. They seem to actually enjoy holding onto a cigarette. And, after a long period of lighting up, it becomes a routine. As a fact, humans are creatures of habit. By some force of habit, smokers find themselves reaching for a cigarette and lighting it up automatically without thinking about it.

Certain "triggers" in the environment may also make it difficult to quit smoking. Little things may turn on a smoker's need for a cigarette. These may be feelings, places, and moods. Even the things done routinely may trigger this craving for a smoke.

For those who have been smoking for quite a while already, they may not realize it but they form some emotional attachment to cigarettes. They find the cigarette calming and comforting during those stressful times. Cigarette smoking somehow becomes an extension of their social life, particularly when they are emotionally at the highest or lowest. Giving the smoker a feeling that to quit smoking would seem like giving up a trusted friend.

These are only some of the major reasons why it is hard to quit smoking. But there are also several strategies and quitting techniques that may aid smokers to finally give up on the habit. Quitting smoking all begins with one's intention to stop. They must have the will power to overcome the craving for nicotine.

Those who smoke cigarettes must understand that to quit smoking may take more than one attempt. They must also try several methods before they can finally succeed. Smoking is a stubborn habit because it is closely tied to the acts in the course of people's everyday lives. Even so, with determination, will power, and a strategy, anyone can quit smoking.

Tips to Quit Smoking for Good

If you have tried to quit smoking in the past then you no full well the withdrawal symptoms and the sheer psychological battle it is to kick the habit successfully. The only saving grace is knowing that if you can stay of lighting up a cigarette for 30 days then chances are good that you can kick the habit for good. It just begins one day at a time. Here are some useful tips to help you quit smoking for good.

Find an accountability partner -Find someone who wants to kick the habit as much as you do or better yet find someone who has already kicked the habit who you can enlist as your accountability partner. That way you now have someone who is holding you to seeing you fulfill your goal of not smoking. The great thing with having an accountability partner is you have someone there when the going gets tough and when you lose your motivation you can have someone there that can pick your spirits back up. Setup a system to track each other whether it is calling each other or meeting with each other on a regular basis. Another great tip is when you get the urge to light up you must make a call to your accountability partner before lighting up. You will be surprised how often your accountability partner can console and talk you out of lighting up when given a chance.

Quit smoking cold turkey - Forget about all the nonsense of quitting by reducing your smoking or nicotine intake over a period of time. Not only is it just giving you more reason to keep with the addiction it just doesn't work well. If you quit smoking cold turkey then the reality is that you know if you are cheating or not by whether or not you are lighting up. The alcoholic or addicted gambler now full well that if you do have a problem you don't keep doing it but to stop it today. The best time to quit smoking was yesterday the second best time to quit smoking is today.

Replace your habit with something else - Some great habits you can think about taking up is taking up a fitness class, not only will this be great in improving your health but you get a chance to meet up and be around health conscious people which can rub off onto you.

Take up breathing exercises - You have possibly spent years destroying your lungs with the toxic smoke it's time to do your bit to help your lungs. Breathing exercises not only help you to utilize your maximum oxygen efficiency but by pumping your body better with oxygen it also acts to reduce your nicotine addiction. Great breathing methods include yoga and tai chi.

Immediate Benefits from not Smoking

After only 20 Minutes your blood pressure drops to normal.

Your pulse rate drops to normal

Walking becomes easier

After 2 - 12 Weeks Circulation improves

Lung function increases up to 30 %

After 1 - 9 Months Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath, decrease.

Cilia regrow in lungs, increasing ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, reduce infection

1 Year Risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker

Your temperature in hands and feet increases to normal

After 8 Hours Carbon-monoxide level in blood drops to normal

Your Oxygen level in blood increases to normal

After just 24 Hours your chance of a heart attack decreases

After 48 Hours your nerve endings start regrowing

Your ability to smell and taste is enhanced

No more ashes in your car

No more bad breath

No more being sent out to smoke in the cold

No more being socially unacceptable

No more constant cough

No more disapproval of loved ones

No more lack of energy

No more loss of smell

No more loss of taste

Money saving ($3000 - $5000/year/per person)

No more pasty complexion

No more premature aging

Reduced risk of developing life threatening, incurable diseases.

Reduced risk of shortened life span

No more smelly clothes

No more smoker's mouth (wrinkles from inhaling)

No more nicotine stained hands and fingers

No more stale air in your house

No more yellow Teeth

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