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Things to do on Saturday when Bored

Do you find Saturdays to be boring? Here is a list of things you can do on Saturday to have fun and pass the time.

A list of things to do on a Saturday that does not include drinking, parties, or naughty things.

1 - Saturday Lawn Sales

Saturdays are a great opportunity for visiting lawn or garage sales in your area, or even take a leisurely drive to a neighboring town, suburb, or city. You can either just drive around looking for lawn sales, many have signs and directions posted on street light poles etc., or you can plan your lawn surfing expedition by reading Fridays and/or Saturday mornings newspaper classifieds and plot your route in order not to backtrack too much.

2 - Host Your Own Lawn sale

Why not get rid of some of the clutter in your house and/or garage plus make some nice tax free cash at the same time. Before Saturday comes around place an advertisment in your local newspaper advertising your lawn or garage sale. On the day of the sale, if your local council permits, you can place small signs on trees and street light poles. Sort your unwanted items early and place inside near the front door. On Saturday morning nice and early you can position your spare tables, fold up tables, benches etc. on your front lawn. Buy some small price tag stickers from a stationary shop and stick a price tag on each article for sale. Get the kids involved for a full Saturday of fun and make some money!

3 - Thrift, Antique and Secondhand Shops

A lot of bargains can be found in thrift, antique, and secondhand shops. Use a Saturday morning, afternoon, or even spend the entire day browsing secondhand shops, take a break when hungry and treat yourself to a Saturday lunch in an attractive cafe or restaurant. It is surprising what handy knick knacks you will find in opportunity shops run by charity organisations like the Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul, or the Salvation Army. By buying something useful for yourself you will also be supporting a good cause.

4 - Visit People on Saturdays

If you have relatives or friends that live an hour or two away and you don't get to see them as much as you would like then an otherwise boring Saturday could turn into a pleasant drive with the family to visit friends and family you may not have seen for awhile. You should be sure to call first to make sure they will be at home, as maybe they searched for something to do on a Saturday and are on their way to visit you! You could even turn the visit into a regular Saturday outing and on alternative Saturdays they could visit with your family.

5 - Watch Video Movies

Keep seeing previews of movies you would like to watch but always end up forgetting the movie title five minutes later? Keep a notepad and pen near your favorite TV viewing chair or couch and write down the name of the movies as soon as you see the previews.

Come Saturday morning visit your local video rental store and rent three or four of the movies you jotted down. On the way home from the video shop purchase some snacks or tv dinners and spend the rest of the Saturday being a couch potato in front of the TV.

6 - Visit a Random Place Each Saturday

An old one but a good one. Purchase a map of your local area that shows around 50 miles radius of your home. Stand near a cleared table with the map in your hand. Close your eyes and open the map out on the table (It doesn't matter which way round the map is) then place your finger on the map. Open your eyes and where your finger is will be where your Saturday drive will be.

If it is in the country you could take a picnic lunch and eat it at the spot you chose. If its in a city or town then a nearby cafe or restaurant may be more appropriate for lunch.

If you don't own a car or have mobility problems you could buy a map of just your city and following the above steps take a local bus to the chosen area.

7 - Visit a Cemetery

Always been meaning to visitor friends, relatives, and loved ones at the cemetery but never seem to get around to doing it?

Plan one Saturday a month and take the time out to pay your respects. If you don't have relatives or friends in a nearby cometery they can still be fascinating places to visit, especially old cemeteries that may have headstones hundreds of years old. You may even find the resting place of famous people.

Before leaving home plan the trip to take in other items of interest in the area of the cemetery you will be visiting on Saturday and make an interesting day of it.

Submit YOUR Ideas for Saturdays

If you can think of other ideas or things to do on Saturday, or already have something that you do, then use our comment form below. If your idea is appropriate we will add it to our list of things to do on Saturdays. Let's try to get the number of items in the list to show 100 things to do on Saturday!

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