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Exercise and Nutrition for Seniors

We are getting older all the time. It's nothing to get upset about, it's only natural. However, that doesn't mean we don't have some say when it comes to our place in the march of time.

We are getting older all the time. It's nothing to get upset about, it's only natural. However, that doesn't mean we don't have some say when it comes to our place in the march of time.

Although another day is passing and - yes - you are 24 hours closer to your next birthday, we have an opportunity to actively make the choices that will determine the quality of life we will have as we progress through our golden years.

Simply speaking, there are two things that determine our level of fitness at any time during our lives: what we eat, and what we do with it. Activity takes energy, and energy means food. Once we take on the calories we need to be active, its important to actually be active in a proper way in order to live a healthy, energetic life. No matter what your age, exercise and nutrients are crucial if you want to get the most out of life, but what about as we age? As we get older, our need for vitamins, minerals, and exercise is just as important as it is when we are younger. However, the demands of our aging bodies make certain kinds of exercise and nutrients preferable to others.

As we age, there are four basic categories of fitness we have to be more concerned with than others.

By focusing on these areas, we can insure that we maintain our mobility - along with our strong bones and muscles - as the years go by and we have to make a decision between a high quality of life, versus deteriorating health, and even injury.

Strength - The scientific term for the loss of muscle and strength as we age is sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is not a disease that strikes randomly, it is a natural condition that will affect each and ever one of us as we age. In fact, some studies have shown that muscle mass declines by 4% each decade from age 25 to age 50. In addition to affecting our overall strength, this loss of muscle mass affects our metabolism, and can even affect libido in men.

Endurance - As we age the loss of aerobic capacity is a real possibility. Older folks can experience the exacerbation of existing pulmonary conditions, but the loss of lung capacity and endurance due to neglect and lack of exercise is just as likely.

Balance - Several hundred thousand seniors suffer broken bones every year from falling. Without a doubt, when it comes to avoiding accidents from falling, prevention is the key. There are any number of exercises - from yoga, to pilates, to simple balancing poses - that can get you fit, and keep you safe.

In addition to making sure you are getting the proper kinds - and amount - of exercise, the need for proper nutrition is just as important in your later years as it was when you were growing up. For most seniors, a balanced diet is still the best way to give their bodies what they need. However, most seniors find that smaller, lighter meals that are packed with vitamins are more important than the protein and carb heavy meals they needed when they were more physically active, and had higher metabolic rates. In addition to proper nutrition, most seniors - especially those with any number of pre-existing medical conditions - can benefit from adding nutritional supplements to their diets.

Get Started!

Many seniors interested in exercise can find that they have trouble getting started - or continuing with ongoing programs - and may need a little extra assistance. Fortunately, products like the Vibra Trainer Heart Rate and the Talking Pedometer with FM Radio, can offer the kind of assistance we all might seek, in a form that is specifically designed with the needs of seniors in mind. In addition, seniors who may need a boost in their diets can take advantage of supplements like Joint XI Supplement, Fiberrific Powdered Fiber, or any number of other products on the market that can give active seniors the advantage they need when it comes to staying active and fit.

Remember to always seek the advice of your physician when making changes in your diet or exercise regimen. With the right plan, the right attitude, and the right products to help you along the way, you'll be at the top of your game for some time to come.

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