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What Causes Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a strange condition whereby the sufferer actually stops breathing during the night. This articles discusses the form that the sleep disorder takes.

Sleep apnea is a strange condition whereby the sufferer actually stops breathing during the night.

Now this may sound startling and pretty scary but it is actually quite common. It can occur in anybody, both young and old and with varying degrees of severity.

The phrase sleep apnea comes from the Greek word that means "without breath'. When dealing with this ailment you need to distinguish which of the three forms you have.

Obstructive sleep apnea - By far the most common occurrence is called "obstructive' apnea. What happens is that during the night or when the sufferer is asleep, the air cannot enter or escape from the nose and mouth. This results in a sensation of choking which wakes the person up continuously. These episodes can often repeat as much as 50 times per hour. A person with obstructive apnea fails to get a good night's rest because of these interruptions and as a result is effected by sleep deprivation, among other things.

Central sleep apnea - Central apnea is much less common than its brother and happens when the brain fails to send the correct message to the muscles telling them to breathe.

Mixed sleep apnea - As you can imagine from its name, mixed apnea is a combination of obstructive and central apnea.

All three forms of this condition can effect anyone, be them young or old, male or female and from any racial background. Practically no one is safe. Having said that though, there are circumstances which have negative or positive effects on the possibility of getting a sleep apnea symptom.

Men seem to be more prone than women and men over forty in particular. Apart from gender and age, being overweight is an important factor and new research now suggests there could be a genetic link also.

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Your life really will be much more manageable, bearable, and more importantly, enjoyable when you learn how to cope with your sleep apnea symptom.

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