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Snoring Relief

Snoring is the trouble or the noise that people make when asleep. The reason for this is that during daytime the air is able to flow freely through the passages of breathing but at night they become dry and vibrate.

Snoring is the trouble or the noise that people make when asleep. The reason for this is that during daytime the air is able to flow freely through the passages of breathing but at night they become dry and vibrate.

New researches and experiments have come up with many ideas as to how reduce the snoring. Experts say that more than 80% of the snoring is caused due to open mouth breathing during the night. So the mouth should be kept closed while sleeping. This can be termed as the advanced biophysical support of the mouth, chin and of course the jaw.

Snoring relief can be obtained by powerful magnetic therapy and gentle and proven acupressure also. The latter one has been proved by a study of more than 2000 years. The use of nasal strips is also becoming a popular method to reduce snoring.

The very basic and self-help tips are available to stop snoring which are easy to follow.

Obesity leads to snoring trouble, so to keep a check that exercises should be done regularly. Reduction in fats will reduce the fats behind the throat and the neck and so provide more space for air to transport.

Drugs, alcohols and tranquillisers should be avoided as far as possible.

Using thick pillow should be avoided.

One of the best ways to stop snoring is sleeping sideways rather than on the back. Proper sleeping habits and proper postures while sleeping help to reduce snoring.

Some other self helping tips are taking honey before sleep, by avoiding heavy and fatty foods especially in the night meal.

Taking meals of appropriate nutrition and vitamins will also be helpful.

Smoking should be stopped and if that is not possible than it should be avoided at least right before sleep. Avoiding smoking will avoid the swelling of throat and inflammation.

These days anti snoring pills are also available in the market but the doctor should be consulted before taking one.

Homeopathic medicines have also proved to be effective in reducing snoring. If the room where one sleeps is very dry than a humidifier should be used.

A new technique these days available for reducing snoring is CPAP.

CPAP is the continuous positive airway pressure device. It is a mask kind, which provides with oxygen when one is sleeping at night. When the snoring problem reaches the height and may cause other severe disease at that condition surgeries are also done to prevent snoring. The surgery so done is called the somnoplasty. This is done with the help of radio frequency that shrinks the tissues of the throat. Most of all-important causes are unstable or disturbed mind. So one should try to sleep as stress free and relaxed as possible to avoid snoring. Rest full sleep itself will contribute to snoring relief.

Thus it can be concluded that there are hundreds of products, exercises known, drugs and also the surgeries that can avoid snoring. But the best way is bringing some simple but helpful changes in the life style, which can surely help stop snoring.

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