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Removing Spider Veins

So you are interested in getting rid of unsightly and aggravating spider veins? Many men and women face the reality of visible and often symptomatic spider veins at some time in their life.

This is largely a result of lifestyle, genetics, and a lack of awareness of venous health. Most of us go about our day, unaware of the fact that our veins are one very major part of our mobility and activity. Blood moves throughout our body all day and this is necessary to keep us moving and living.

When thinking of removing spider veins, it is necessary to stay focused on how the body moves and what it needs to remain healthy. Is it any wonder than lack of exercise and an inaccurate awareness of the role this plays in venous health contributes to the occurrence of spider veins?

It is true that a large percentage of people, especially in the western half of the world, live a lifestyle which promotes poor venous health. This includes a lifestyle without a commitment to fitness, healthy diet, and an awareness of the physical body. It seems that most people are increasingly aware of their mental body, their mind, and how that works. We live in an age where the mind rules and everyday we are faced with the need to exercise our mental muscles. Yet being aware of how we are treating our physical body is essential to health is so many ways.

If we are to expect to excel at removing spider veins, it is a good idea to excel at learning how to prevent them also. By finding a way to commit to a regular exercise routine and healthy diet, one can diminish the signs of spider veins.

There are other factors as well. Genetics can play a role, weight gain, diet, pregnancy, and occupations which involve prolonged standing or sitting. Also, on long distance trips, it is a great idea to walk, stretch, get up or out and move around. This keeps the blood moving through the body. If you have a job that requires prolonged sitting or standing, taking a walk and stretch on breaks and moving around the office is one great way to keep the body's blood supply moving.

Removing spider veins is certainly possible with modern medical treatment.

Laser treatments and sclerotherapy injections are the most popular of modern medical treatments and both minimally invasive treatments.

Each treatment usually only leaves bruising or minor pain after the procedure and the patient can usually return to their daily activities right after. More than one treatment is usually necessary depending on your situation.

It is important to note that removing spider veins does not necessarily prevent their return.

When considering how to permanently eliminate veins, treatment as well as prevention ought to be combined so that the patient has the most beneficial outcome.

Spider veins may not be visible in the specific veins that are treated and will not necessarily recur in those veins, but new visible veins can develop if the patient does not alter lifestyle habits that contributed to their forming.


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