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Teen Depression

A lot of teen depression occurs when a teenager needs more help fitting in during their high school years

Teen depression happens for many reasons. A lot of teen depression occurs when a teenager needs more help fitting in during their high school years.

Teen depression can be triggered by something as simple as not making the football team or the cheerleading squad. Many teens are even depressed because they may not have the money to buy the right kind of clothes.

Some teenagers cannot even get an appointment with a school counselor because the counselor is over burdened with administrative work. Some teenagers even turn to self medication to make themselves feel better. They do this because they feel they cannot even turn to their parents for help.

When a teenager self medicates it usually comes in the form of drugs, alcohol, or sexual activity. Really, what they need is counseling or treatment for depression. Teen depression can be prevented. When a teenager becomes despondent and isolated, those are usually signs of teen depression. Teen depression can manifest itself in other ways as well. If a teenager is sleeping until twelve or one in the afternoon, they are probably suffering from teen depression. As well, if a teenager is overeating or not eating at all, this may be symptoms of teen depression.

If you think your child is suffering from teen depression, get help. There are many new drugs and counseling methods to help your teen get through the adolescent years and look ahead to the future. There are even herbal treatments, like St. John's Wort, that can alleviate teen depression.

Many parents who can't get help from counselors at school or therapists, have started to look around the internet. There are many different solutions for teen depression. Treating depression isn't as hard as it use to be. Some parents even home school their children and work at home so they can be closer to them. This is a great way to prevent teen depression.

Some parents are even going to counseling with their children to create an open forum where a teenager feels like they can open up and share their feelings. This lets a therapist know that there is a teen depression problem for a child and they can often prescribe different treatments and therapy for the child. Adolescent years are difficult for more teenagers and increasing peer pressure drives some children to the edge. You can make a difference.

Talking to a therapist or a psychiatrist or even going on the internet can give you more information on teen depression and make your child safe and happy. A teenager who is well adjusted is less likely to get into trouble and more likely to succeed in life.

A successful life is important for the future of your child and important for a parent as well.

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