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Toxic Cosmetics

Many consumers believe the government ensures the safety of personal care products. Unfortunately, it does not.

You may think that the Food and Drug Administration has jurisdiction over cosmetics and skin care products. Unfortunately that's a myth.

While there is a law that requires a warning label be put on products that have not been approved for safety, the FDA has no power to enforce this law.

Many of the most popular brands of skin care products contain chemicals that are known toxins and carcinogens. Examine the label of your favorite shampoo and you'll almost surely find it contains parabens which are linked to breast cancer.

If you look at the label of your antiperspirant, it most likely contains the chemical aluminum chlorohydrate. Aluminum is widely recognized as a toxin that is linked to Alzheimer's disease, organ dysfunction, and learning disabilities.

While you're in the medicine cabinet you might as well look for sodium lauryl sulfate. That's another common chemical in personal care products. It's also used to clean grease and oil from engines.

Consumers are very savvy and realize that their skin, the largest bodily organ, is too precious to abuse with toxic chemicals. This realization has started a new trend--buying personal care products at the health food store.

What sounds better to you--methylparaben or tea tree oil? Consumers are all too aware of the incomprehensible list of chemicals on the labels of their personal care products. They are opting to go for organic products found in their local health food stores. The products there are made from ingredients found in nature and are, at least, understandable. It's much easier to understand shea butter than it is to wrap your mind around aluminum chlorohydrate.

Among the brands that have become popular are:

Zia - one of a few merchants that make a micro dermabrasion kit without aluminum oxide

Dr Hanuschka - all natural products

Jason Natural Cosmetics - makes a great buttery line of skin care products and a wonderful makeup remover.

Give the organic brands a try. They're becoming popular enough that they may start appearing in the mainstream stores.


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