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Choosing a Wheelchair Lift for Your Van

Important things you may want to consider before paying for your brand new wheelchair lift. It does not necessarily guarantee that you will find the best wheelchair lift for your van on the market, though it can help you in finding and selecting the best one according to your needs and specifications.

There is no exact formula in selecting the best wheelchair lift for your van. It will depend on various factors. Even before going to the dealer or searching the Internet for your list, you can prepare some notes to review to ease up the searching process.

Lift Features:

What to look for a wheelchair lift will mainly depend on who is expected to use it and how often. The features and functionalities vary from one manufacturer to another. Some basic features you may find useful include the dimension of the platform, sensor for preventing the platform from rising if not positioned appropriately, hand-held control devices and buttons for wheelchair users, or warnings and alerts to indicate unsafe conditions. It is not necessary that you should have all these and other features on your lift. Choose only which you think will be very useful and helpful over a long period of time.

Operating the Lift:

Wheelchair Lift Various models available in the market these days provide a variety of ways to operate and control the lift. There are lifts that are controlled hydraulically, electrically or manually. Some may be operated using a standard hand-held control, remote control or on-lift controls. Of course it is a good idea to have both if you can. Most manual controls are included for back-up purposes. Generally, the less features and functionalities your wheelchair lift has the less complicated it should be operated. So do remember to get only the features that you find helpful.

Lift Installation:

There are models that claim to be easy-to-install with no troubles and worries. To ensure safety and full functionality, contact your dealer on installation details or read the instruction manual carefully. You need to know important details once the lift is to be installed such as possible locations to install it, the amount of space it will require, or the things you need to remember and take not once it has been installed.

Lift Specifications:

Be sure to read and understand some technical specifications of the lift. Ask around for any details you may find questionable or vague. Knowing some basic information on what you are purchasing may give your dealer a clearer picture of what you are looking for. It can also lessen the chances of you being taken advantage of because of your unfamiliarity with some important technical jargons.

After sales service:

This is very important and plays a vital role in maintaining and keeping your lift in excellent condition. Ensure that your dealer will provide support and tips in case you may experience any difficulty or malfunction. If their customer support is 24/7 then you are in good hands.


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