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WIFI is it Safe?

With 300 new WIFI hot-spots and over 52000 mobile phone masts the concerns for peoples health and general well being is being questioned.

Admittedly, not a large enough sample to be considered a proper scientific study- but this experiment was performed by a genuine scientist.

Not enough of a sample statistically to prove anything in accepted scientific data terms, however perhaps enough to at least give a clue that many people may be electro sensitive.

A large number of well known accurate psychics have reported experiencing a disturbance to the flow of their psychic ability in city areas in recent years. No one could come up with a satisfactory reason for why this may be the case until recently.

A scientist who is a private client of mine heard about this and asked if myself and ten other psychics would be prepared to undertake a blind test. After 4 months of organising, the test group of psychic were assembled. None of the psychics (myself included) had any idea what was being tested for.

We were individually placed in a room and monitored as well as being filmed whilst being asked to perform two psychic readings, one after the other and two lots of psychometry performed on objects. We had no idea what our friendly scientist was testing for looking for. Much to our annoyance, he wouldn't tell us either, after all the testing was complete, he asked us to attend again a week later to repeat the whole process. Realising we were all about to rebellion when he announced that he required us all a third and final time, he quickly promised to reveal his results to us all shortly after the last testing was complete. We all waited patiently for a few days, then weeks. I had almost (I said almost) forgotten all about it when he called and said he was ready to reveal the nature of the tests and his findings.

Apparently the drab rooms we were put in to perform the tests were shielded and painted with anti radiation paint. We were tested at first to monitor the level and degree of our psychic ability and accuracy. We were then tested randomly throughout the next two sessions with WIFI turned and blasted around us. As far as our friend the scientist was concerned, he judged that our psychic ability was at least 50% stronger, flowed easier and was much more accurate, when we were in the protected room with no WIFI flooding around us.

Our scientist friend did this study mostly for fun or for his own curiosity should I say. He has just finished a serious two year study on the effects of phone masts and the boom in WIFI in the UK to see what if any effect this may or may not have on our health.

With 300 new WIFI hot-spots and over 51000-52000 mobile phone masts now in the UK the concerns for peoples health, mental and cognitive abilities (and even yes psychic ability) and general well being is being called in to question. He himself fears it will be proven that WIFI in all its forms is seriously affecting our health and perhaps even changing and altering our very unique DNA. He specifically recommends 'not' having wireless Internet in our homes as it emits 100 times more radiation than an outdoor phone mast. His advice is to all-ways opt for your computers at home to instead be 'hard wired' for safety.

Gives you something to think about doesn't it? More research should be undertaken to ensure WIFI is not affecting our general health and well being.

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