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Assistive Technology Devices: New Products and Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Assistive Technology category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Assistive Technology Devices: New Products and Information Publications

2017-12-21 : Tetra Nation Tackles Barriers to Accessibility : Tetra Society of North America volunteers and people with disabilities showcase ingenious gadgets and gizmos that have been created over the years.

2017-04-18 : Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock Helps Memory Loss Patients Know What Day It Is : New day and time clock displays day of week, time and date without confusing abbreviations, reducing anxiety and confusion.

2017-03-02 : Researching Ways to Assist Drivers with Autism : Researchers use high-tech driving simulator and on-road driving to compare driving performance of novice drivers with autism with those of novice drivers without autism.

2016-12-22 : University of Michigan Engineering Students Creating Technology for Blind Teen : Computer Science and Engineering students partner with India West to develop technologies that may help blind and visually impaired people navigate the world around them.

2016-12-15 : Controlling Robotic Arm with Brain Power : Groundbreaking study demonstrates potential to help millions of people with disabilities by controlling a robotic arm with only their minds.

2016-12-07 : Standing Bowling Ramp Extension For Disabled : POSS-I-BOWL 2000 adaptive bowling aide assists elderly, injured, and those with disabilities to bowl and enjoy the sport.

2016-06-27 : Apparel Causes Additional Barriers for People with Disability : For people with disabilities, the lack of adaptive clothing is not just a burden, it is a barrier for community participation.

2016-05-25 : ChordBuddy: Easily Learn How to Play The Guitar : ChordBuddy helps you learn to play music on the guitar in minutes, helps with playing chords and strumming.

2016-04-20 : Federal Lifeline Assistance Program Provides Relief to Disabled : The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program provides low cost or free cell phone service to qualifying individuals and families who need help financially.

2016-03-30 : TransferPants - A Revolutionary Change in Caregiving : TransferPants(TM), a U.S. patented device designed to move disabled persons safely and comfortably, is now on Indiegogo.

2015-10-25 : HandAble: Easy Cell Phone & Tablet Holder : Handable is a cellphone accessory that makes it easier for people with hand or wrist problems to hold cellphones and tablet devices.

2015-09-09 : Listen Up: Low-Vision Audio Recordings Available Free to Public : Hadley launches series of free audio recordings designed to help those living with low vision maintain their independence.

2015-08-10 : Innovative Clothing Solutions for People with Disabilities : On August 15, Open Style Lab Fellows share their designs that solve disability-related clothing challenges at the MIT Museum.

2015-07-14 : People with Disabilities & Neuroscience Technology : Interdisciplinary project involving neuroscience and technology aims to improve communication for people with disabilities.

2015-03-25 : Adaptive Clothing: Adapted Clothes Information and Suppliers : Information on adaptive clothing designed for people with disabilities and seniors, includes list of best stores that sell adapted clothes online.

2014-12-11 : NIH Funds Robots to Assist People with Disabilities : New research in robotics might help with stroke rehabilitation, guide wheelchairs, and assist children with Autism.

2014-12-05 : K4Connect:: Transforming the Internet of Things into the Internet of You : Connecting the rapidly expanding number of electronic devices and services that make up the internet of things.

2014-12-04 : Unchaining Neuroscience from Cables with Wireless Brain Sensor : New types of neuroscience experiments with vast amounts of brain data wirelessly and continuously streamed from brain microcircuits.

2014-11-13 : First Completely Touch Free Smartphone from Sesame Enable : Head-motion activated technology brings usability and ubiquity of smartphones to previously excluded people with disabilities.

2014-06-29 : Meet Pepper - A Personal Humanoid Robot : Pepper is a humanoid robot that can communicate with people using the latest voice and recognition technology.

2014-06-10 : StrongArm Technologies - ErgoSkeleton and Worker Safety : Information relating to StrongArm Technologies a company that develops technological breakthroughs in worker safety, strength and endurance.

2013-01-12 : Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower Makes Lawn Maintenance Easier for People with Disabilities : Miimo is a sensor equipped lawn mowing device that the user can set loose on their lawn and allow it to mow the grass for them.

2012-12-23 : Section 508 VPAT Blank Template Form and Information : Information regarding section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) including blank fillable template form.

2012-07-17 : Musical Glove Improves Sensation, Mobility for People with Spinal Cord Injury : Musical Glove device successfully used by individuals with limited feeling or movement in their hands due to tetraplegia.

2012-07-05 : EyeMusic Device Converts Images to Music to Aid Visually Impaired : Sensory substitution devices (SSDs) use sound or touch to help the visually impaired perceive the visual scene surrounding them.

2012-06-28 : Mind Reading Device May Enable People Unable to Speak or Move to Converse : Mind reader device may enable people unable to speak or move at all to manage unscripted back and forth conversation.

2012-04-20 : Man Born with a Disability Invents Doorstop for Commercial Use : Duffs Doorstopper is a doorstop with a handle which benefits cleaning personnel due to less stress on back knees and legs.

2012-03-22 : Infants, Toddlers and Assistive Technology : Assistive technologies can assist young children who experience forms of disabilities to learn valuable skills.

2012-02-20 : Tongue Drive Wireless Device Operates Computers and Wheelchairs : Tongue Drive wireless device enables people with high level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and maneuver an electrically powered wheelchair by moving their tongue.

2011-08-22 : AmeriGlide Disability Products Launches in Canada : AmeriGlide an online retailer of assistive technology for the disabled and elderly including stair lifts and vehicle lifts will now be serving Canadian customers.

2011-07-18 : Carolines Cart: Grocery Cart for Special Needs Children : Parents and caregivers of special needs children to have access to a grocery cart specifically designed for challenges faced when shopping.

2011-05-26 : Revolutionary EEG Brain Computer Interface : Progress being made on developing a headset that would revolutionize the brain computer interface industry.

2011-05-02 : NZ Paralympian Steps Up with Rex Bionics and Walks Again : Custom fitted robotic exoskeleton has allowed Dave MacCalman to take his first steps in more than 30 years.

2011-02-03 : Adapting Technology to Seniors : Monitoring system with wireless touch screen devices that enables senior citizens to receive help and guidance at home and call for emergency assistance.

2010-09-01 : Teaching Robot Helps Children to use a Wheelchair : A robotic wheelchair is being developed that will help children learn to drive.

2010-08-30 : Pop-up Microlite Illuminates Remote Controls : Pop-up Microlite sticks on remote controls to illuminate both the buttons and text in the dark or dim lighting.

2010-08-24 : Exoskeleton Robotic Legs Provide New Option for Wheelchair Users : When Hayden Allen was spinal cord injured five years ago he became a full time wheelchair.

2010-07-26 : Key Insights From Symposium on Americans With Disabilities - Braun Corporation : The concept of universal design is to develop products and services to maximize access for all and enhance safety and livability.

2010-02-19 : Handy Information and Plans Help Physically Challenged : Richard Fabend is a 66 year old C6 complete quadriplegic injured over 10 years ago while vacationing in the Virgin Islands.

2009-12-20 : The World Wide Web and Accessibility Improvements : It makes sense for businesses to make their sites on the Internet accessible.

2009-11-23 : Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Releases 2009 Holiday Gift Guide : The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has created a holiday gift guide for people living with paralysis.

2009-10-06 : Broadband Access for all Americans : Accessibility and affordability barriers faced by Americans with disabilities in accessing broadband capabilities.

2009-09-30 : Disability Made Easier - Tips on Living with a Disability : Useful home and office hints and tips to help cope with living with a disability.

2009-09-24 : Thiphone for Cell Phones and Touch Screen Devices : The Thiphone is an accessory for mobile phones and netbooks that allows you to securely attach your iPhone or device to your thigh.

2009-09-22 : Remote Control Lawn Mowers for Elderly or Disabled : Remote control lawn mowers are very elderly and disabled friendly with simple one finger joystick control.

2009-08-02 : INDATA Statewide Assistive Technology Conference : Individuals may benefit from experiencing a basic Assistive Technology equipment demonstration.

2009-08-01 : Assisted Living Devices for Disabled - Review : Hands free devices improve quality of life for users of power chairs mobility scooters and controlling computers using the tongue.

2009-07-28 : iPods Help Kids with Aserger's Syndrome : Minnneapolis has a center that is experimenting with iPods and using them to assist kids with Aspergers syndrome.

2009-07-02 : Adaptive Clothing Reduces the Risk of Injury for Disabled People and Caregivers : Extended care facilities implemented an adaptive clothing program to see if staff and patient injuries could be reduced.

2009-06-02 : Dyslexic Entrepreneur uses Assistive Technology to Compete in Business : Young dyslexic entrepreneur uses latest mobile assistive technology to compete in the business world.

2009-02-08 : Lemon Laws for Motor Vehicles and Disability Products : Lemon laws are state laws that provide remedies to consumers for automobiles and disability products that are poorly manufactured requiring repetitive repairs.

2009-02-04 : Products for Independent Living - Paradise Robotics : Home robotic products including robotic lawn mowers vacuum cleaners pool cleaners and self-cleaning cat litter box.

2009-01-17 : Assistive Technology - Past Present and Future : Many people equate assistive technology with sophisticated electronic devices this report dispels the confusion around assistive technology.

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