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Assistive Technology: Devices, Products and Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Assistive Technology category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-04-18Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock Helps Memory Loss Patients Know What Day It Is
2017-03-02Researching Ways to Assist Drivers with Autism
2016-12-22University of Michigan Engineering Students Creating Technology for Blind Teen
2016-12-15Controlling Robotic Arm with Brain Power
2016-12-07Standing Bowling Ramp Extension For Disabled
2016-06-27Apparel Causes Additional Barriers for People with Disability
2016-05-25Easily Play Guitar, with the Push of a ChordBuddy Button
2016-04-20Federal Lifeline Assistance Program Provides Relief to Disabled
2016-03-30TransferPants - A Revolutionary Change in Caregiving
2015-10-25HandAble: Easy Cell Phone & Tablet Holder
2015-09-09Listen Up: Low-Vision Audio Recordings Available Free to Public
2015-08-10Innovative Clothing Solutions for People with Disabilities
2015-07-14People with Disabilities & Neuroscience Technology
2015-03-25Adaptive Clothing: Adapted Clothes Information and Suppliers
2014-12-11NIH Funds Robots to Assist People with Disabilities
2014-12-05K4Connect:: Transforming the Internet of Things into the Internet of You
2014-12-04Unchaining Neuroscience from Cables with Wireless Brain Sensor
2014-11-13First Completely Touch Free Smartphone from Sesame Enable
2014-06-29Meet Pepper - A Personal Humanoid Robot
2014-06-10StrongArm Technologies - ErgoSkeleton and Worker Safety
2013-01-12Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower Makes Lawn Maintenance Easier for People with Disabilities
2012-12-23Section 508 VPAT Blank Template Form and Information
2012-07-17Musical Glove Improves Sensation, Mobility for People with Spinal Cord Injury
2012-07-05EyeMusic Device Converts Images to Music to Aid Visually Impaired
2012-06-28Mind Reading Device May Enable People Unable to Speak or Move to Converse
2012-04-20Man Born with a Disability Invents Doorstop for Commercial Use
2012-03-22Infants, Toddlers and Assistive Technology
2012-02-20Tongue Drive Wireless Device Operates Computers and Wheelchairs
2011-08-22AmeriGlide Disability Products Launches in Canada
2011-07-18Carolines Cart: Grocery Cart for Special Needs Children
2011-05-26Revolutionary EEG Brain Computer Interface
2011-05-02NZ Paralympian Steps Up with Rex Bionics and Walks Again
2011-02-03Adapting Technology to Seniors
2010-09-01Teaching Robot Helps Children to use a Wheelchair
2010-08-30Pop-up Microlite Illuminates Remote Controls
2010-08-24Exoskeleton Robotic Legs Provide New Option for Wheelchair Users
2010-07-26Key Insights From Symposium on Americans With Disabilities - Braun Corporation
2010-02-19Handy Information and Plans Help Physically Challenged
2009-12-20The World Wide Web and Accessibility Improvements
2009-11-23Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Releases 2009 Holiday Gift Guide
2009-10-06Broadband Access for all Americans
2009-09-30Disability Made Easier - Tips on Living with a Disability
2009-09-24Thiphone for Cell Phones and Touch Screen Devices
2009-09-22Remote Control Lawn Mowers for Elderly or Disabled
2009-08-02INDATA Statewide Assistive Technology Conference
2009-08-01Assisted Living Devices for Disabled - Review
2009-07-28iPods Help Kids with Aserger's Syndrome
2009-07-02Adaptive Clothing Reduces the Risk of Injury for Disabled People and Caregivers
2009-06-02Dyslexic Entrepreneur uses Assistive Technology to Compete in Business
2009-02-08Lemon Laws for Motor Vehicles and Disability Products
2009-02-04Products for Independent Living - Paradise Robotics
2009-01-17Assistive Technology - Past Present and Future

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