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AI and Disabilities Publications
Title of
Health Care Algorithms in Racial and Ethnic DisparitiesObservational Study2024/03/26
Deep Learning AI Finds New Class of Antibiotic CandidatesInformative2023/12/202023/12/28
Investigation Examines Capacity of AI to Sustain Racial and Gender Biases Within Clinical Decision MakingObservational Study2023/12/18
Breakthrough AI Technology Enables Earlier Autism DiagnosisAnnouncement / Notification2023/11/21
Improving Accessibility With Augmented RealityReports and Proceedings2023/10/17
ChatGPT AI Chatbot Promotes American Cultural Bias in Its AnswersReports and Proceedings2023/07/12
VisText: Teaching AI to Write Better Accessible Chart CaptionsReports and Proceedings2023/07/02
Robotic Glove Helps to Relearn Piano Playing After StrokeCase Study2023/06/302023/07/01
Where Does AI Fit in If Art is How We Express Our HumanityOpinion Piece / Editorial2023/06/162023/06/27
Ethics Framework for Use of Generative AI in Healthcare2023/05/16
AI Predicts Pancreatic Cancer Up to Three Years Before Diagnosis2023/05/08
How Generalist Medical AI Is Poised to Reshape MedicineResearch Study Analysis2023/04/272023/09/28
Biocomputer AI Powered by Human Organoid Brain CellsPaper / Essay2023/03/012023/10/09
Understanding ChatGPT AI and Its Uses2023/02/17
Mothers Alcohol Consumption Before and During Pregnancy Linked to Childs Face Shapes Changes2023/02/162023/05/18
AI Mental Health Care: Precise Language Responses Vs Easy Rating Scale2023/02/16
Employer Use of Artificial Intelligence Can Violate the ADAAnnouncement / Notification2022/05/122023/09/21
Disability Bias in AI Hiring Tools and Legal ProtectionInformative2020/11/252023/09/25
Dissecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Understand the Human Brain2018/03/252023/02/15
Artificial Intelligence Helps Diagnose Cardiac Infections2009/09/142023/02/15

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