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Health & Disability Apps for iPhone & Android Mobile Devices Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability and Health Apps category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-24Mobile Phone App to Control Diabetes May be Possible Someday
2017-11-03eSSENTIAL Accessibility New Android App for People with Disabilities
2017-09-29Sharecare YOU 3D VR Human Body Platform on HTC VIVE
2017-09-16Google Glass Holli App Assists Social Interactions for Children with ASD
2017-02-13NIOSH Sound Level Meter App - Hearing Loss Prevention Goes Mobile
2017-02-07Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard App for iPad and iPhone
2016-11-11Development of Smartphone App for Early Detection of Autism
2016-09-28Pregnancy PRO - Pregnancy Test App for Smartphones
2016-07-04NewsBot Version 2 - Innovative News Reader App
2016-06-01Apps for All Accessible and Universal Technology Ideathon
2016-05-19Sesame Enable App Turns Android into Touch-Free Smartphone
2016-04-05Parent PAL App Tracks Development of Children with Special Needs
2016-04-03Moovit App Version 4.10 With Accessible Features for Blind Community
2016-02-24Open eBooks - Free Digital Reading for Children in Need
2015-12-30Autism & Beyond: Autism Symptoms Facial Expressions App
2015-11-13Autism Discovery App Tool for iOS
2015-10-29Telme John App: Text-to-speech App for iOS
2015-10-24Food4Bones App: Healthy Food for Bones Information
2015-10-20iParkomat Disabled Parking Spots App
2015-07-06assist-Mi: Disability Access App
2015-02-11Free Braille Writer App
2015-02-06Smartphone Technology to Improve Hearing Devices
2015-01-26Google Adds Accessibility to Docs, Sheets, and Slides
2015-01-19Be My Eyes App for Blind and People with Low Vision
2014-12-28Android Apps for Teaching Autistic, Young, and Learning Disabled Kids
2014-10-16First Transit Technology Strengthens Paratransit Services
2014-10-11Google Glass App - Real Time Closed Captioning
2014-10-03Free App Provides Audio Streaming of Newspapers and Magazines
2014-09-24Cloud-based Educational Program for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disability
2014-09-23Aeroplan App for People with Disabilities - eSSENTIAL Accessibility
2014-09-22KNFB Reader App Gives Sight to People with Vision Disability
2014-05-29App Warns of Obstacles for People with Vision Disability
2014-05-11Smartphone App Detects Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings
2014-01-17Camp Discovery App Revolutionizes Learning for Children with Autism
2013-05-27MiFinder Social Networking App for Disabled and Diverse Communities
2013-03-20AT&T and Autism Speaks Hosting Hackathon In Honor of Autism Awareness Month
2013-03-09TapTapSee Camera App for Visually Impaired
2013-03-06Text to Speech App: Voice Dream Reader
2013-02-15ComApp 3 from Special Learning for Those Affected by Autism
2013-02-14Guide Dog App for Smart Phone Gets Training Boost
2013-02-06Allergy App for iPhone - WebMD
2013-02-05App for Blind Helps Take Notes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
2013-01-27Mobile Apps Health Prize - $100,000 Challenge
2012-10-22Panther Inclusive Technology
2012-09-26U-verse Easy Voice and Gesture Remote Control App for Deaf Blind - AT&T
2012-09-25Hereward College SmartPhone App
2012-09-03iPod Touch Helps Adults with Autism in the Workplace
2012-08-25Verizon Wireless Mobile Accessibility App for Visually Impaired
2012-08-01Cell Phone Screener to Combat Anemia
2012-07-12HumanWare Communicator iPhone App for Deaf-Blind
2012-04-20Warm Health App - Live Chat to Health Plans
2012-04-01Visually Impaired Accessible SuperPhoto Photo Sharing App
2012-03-08Mobile App for People with Disabilities in New York
2012-02-09Apps for College Students with Special Needs
2011-12-21Fat App - It's What You Don't Eat That Counts
2011-12-08Lookout Call - An App for Motorists with Disability
2011-11-10ViBe - Caller ID App with Different Vibration Patterns for Callers
2011-11-08iPod and iPad Grants for Education
2011-11-08Siri and Disability - Personal Assistant on Apple iPhone Takes Accessibility to New Level
2011-10-13iPicto Pictogram App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
2011-10-11Mapability Creates First Augmented Reality Layer for Accessibility
2011-10-04Accessibility App for Android for People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision
2011-10-03iPad App for Life Insurance - AXA Equitable
2011-10-03Disability Answers App Tells You If You Qualify for Disability Benefits or Medicare
2011-08-18iAdvocate - Free Tool for Parents of Children with Disabilities
2011-08-09Gaiam Launching 10 Health and Wellness Mobile Apps
2011-08-09iSpeech App for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
2011-07-30SoundPOD for iPod or iPad Provides Communication to Those Who Can't Speak
2011-07-25Verbally - Free iPad App for Speech Disability
2011-07-19Breath Bird - Breath Control Function App for iPad
2011-07-19Free Healthy Steps Pedometer App for Exercise Enthusiasts
2011-07-12FreeAppADay Selects FunMobility to Help Gamify Its Community
2011-07-01iPhone App May Support Parkinson's Disease Monitoring and Research
2011-06-28ADHD Organizer App for iPhone
2011-06-16Mobile Phone App for Multiple Sclerosis Community
2011-06-14GI Monitor App - Crohn's and Colitis Mobile Tracking App from WellApps
2011-06-03Slug Bugs Game - iPhone 3D Audio Games
2011-06-01Accessible Twitter Changes Name to Easy Chirp
2011-06-01Mobile Translation App for Hearing Impaired
2011-05-27Accessible List Recorder App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
2011-05-27Apps to Help You in the Gym
2011-05-19VizWiz iPhone Application for Blind
2011-05-12Passport to Good Health App
2011-05-10Learn American Sign Language App for iPhone and iPad
2011-05-09Diagnosing Stroke Via iPhone App
2011-05-06How to Think and Stay Positive
2011-04-18$100,000 App Contest - Apps for Communities - Challenge.Gov
2011-04-13UK Train Times Accessible iPhone App
2011-04-12iPhone Magnifier App
2011-04-12Special Needs Apps for Kids
2011-04-11iPhone App Alerts Users When Traveling in Potentially Unsafe Areas
2011-04-06Developmental Disabilities App for iPhone and iPad
2011-03-28Donation Application for Cell Phones
2011-03-23Care4Kids App - Akron Children's Hospital
2011-03-08semYOU Free App Computing System
2011-03-08Apple App Store - Special Education Section
2011-03-07Amplify Sounds Using iPhone with SoundAMP Hearing Assistant App
2011-03-06VoiceOver Compatible Apps for Apple iPhone and Mac
2011-03-04iSign App - Learn American Sign Language
2011-03-04Glucose Buddy App - Handy Tool for Diabetics
2011-03-03Calorie Counter App for iPhone Android and Blackberry Devices
2011-02-25iConverse App - Augmentative Alternative Communication Tool
2011-02-25Mobile Health App to Prevent and Improve Diagnosis of Skin Allergies
2011-01-22Handelabra Studio Integrates VoiceOver Support in Popular Apps
2011-01-18WebMD Medscape for iPad and Android Devices
2010-11-15PhotoClinic Mobile App for iPhone and iPad
2010-05-06VideoMD Health Videos iPhone App Now Available
2010-02-23iPhone and iPod Touch IP-Relay App for the Deaf
2009-12-26FastMall App Helps iPhone Users Navigate Shopping Malls
2009-10-11Adobe Mobile for iPhone Application
2009-03-31Skype for iPhone App
2009-03-05iPhone Apps for Disability and Vision Impairments

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