Disability Answers App Tells You If You Qualify for Disability Benefits or Medicare

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Author: The Advocator Group
Published: 2011/10/03
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Synopsis: Disability Answers free mobile app tells disabled Americans whether they will qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI or Medicare.


The Advocator Group New App Tells You If You Would Qualify for Disability Benefits - Disability Answers iPhone and Android apps take the fear and worry out of applying for disability benefits.

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You're disabled, you're not getting benefits, and you wonder if you're entitled. But you're also afraid of interacting with a federal bureaucracy, a paper intensive process, and giving one wrong answer that could disqualify you from benefits. You're why The Advocator Group released Disability Answers, a free mobile app that tells disabled Americans whether they'll qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Medicare.

The app couldn't be easier to use.

You answer some simple questions about your age, diagnosis, work history, citizenship, and work credits. Then, by comparing your profile and situation to that of actual claimants, the app will tell you if you should begin the SSDI application process to get the benefits you deserve. Disability Answers is powered by data from 60,000 claims reviewed or processed by The Advocator Group's advocates and Social Security experts on behalf of disabled Americans. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and can be accessed after a simple on-screen setup.

"Disability Answers makes applying for Social Security Disability Insurance easier than it's ever been before," says Chris Gallagher, Vice President, Business Development at The Advocator Group. "And that's important, because if you're applying for SSDI, you're probably in one of the more difficult times of your life. The SSDI process can be frustrating and overwhelming, but this app makes it easy to find the information you need, and determine if your individual situation is likely to qualify you for SSDI benefits. There's a lot of information out there about SSDI that the disabled and their families could sift through. But because Disability Answers is based in real-world outcomes, it eliminates the noise and gets down to what people really want to know: Am I eligible for SSDI or not"

Beyond the My Answers function, which uses a question tree to determine SSDI eligibility, the Disability Answers app provides users with a complete library of FAQs regarding disability insurance. It also features resources for first time or denied claimants about the SSDI application process and the benefits of engaging a representative. And for those receiving benefits, it will tell them if they're getting the full benefits guaranteed to them by federal law.

The Advocator Group works with and for major disability insurance providers and directly with the injured and disabled nationwide.

The SSDI process is an administratively intensive one, overseen by the largest court system in the world. For many people who have just suffered an injury or are caring for a disabled family member, the process can be confusing and seemingly chaotic, and it can be overwhelming to an individual or family facing a lifetime of physical disability and financial challenges. The Advocator Group navigates the system on behalf of the disabled to get them the benefits they need and deserve.

Download Disability Answers in the Apple iTunes app store or the Android market by searching under "Disability Answers" or "The Advocator Group." And learn more about SSDI and Medicare benefits on The Advocator blog, a new online resource for disabled individuals and their families.

ABOUT THE ADVOCATOR GROUP - The Advocator Groupsm, formerly Crowe Paradis, is a nationwide advocacy organization dedicated to helping individuals apply for and obtain Social Security Disability Insurance. The Advocator Group also helps Medicare beneficiaries in identifying the best coverage possible based on their specific needs. The Advocator Group uses a team of experienced Social Security and Medicare advocates as well as hearing advocate attorneys to ensure that each case receives close attention from start to finish. Their company values reside in humility, integrity, commitment, optimism, learning, and creativity. For more information, visit Advocator.com. You can also follow the Advocator Group on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information about the Advocator Group, please visit the company's website at Advocator.com, blog at advocator-blog.com, or contact Jackie Zima-Evans at 610-228-2138 (office), 215-534-2973 (mobile), or write to Jackie@GregoryFCA.com.

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