FastMall App Helps iPhone Users Navigate Shopping Malls

Published: 2009/12/26 - Updated: 2011/02/25
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Synopsis: FastMall iPhone application helps shoppers navigate malls and major shopping destinations.


FastMall Helps iPhone Users Navigate Shopping Malls With Turn-By-Turn Directions, Shake Your iPhone For Restrooms, GPS Parking, Find Deals & More. For millions of mall shoppers finding a desired store, restaurant or restroom from a directory kiosk can be nearly impossible and terribly frustrating. Multiple levels, ever-changing retailers and crowds of people can all add up to making mall shopping much more difficult than it's worth.

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Introducing FastMall, the first truly interactive iPhone application that helps shoppers quickly and easily navigate malls and major shopping destinations with turn-by-turn interactive guidance.

Developed by, an award-winning interactive, web design and development agency specializing in mobile apps, FastMall is designed to help shoppers find their way inside a mall, much like Google maps does outdoors. FastMall does not use GPS inside the mall so it will not crash if a signal fails. In addition, FastMall has a beautiful graphical interface so it is easy and intuitive for anyone to work with.

"Finding your way around the inside of a mall is always challenging," said Sam Feuer, President and CEO of MindSmack. "FastMall makes it easy and simple to get in, get what you need, and get out. Or, you can chart the best course for a leisurely shopping trip, even at the largest mega-malls like Mall of America, Sawgrass Mills, Metropolis at Metrotown and King of Prussia."

FastMall allows users to customize their experience with turn-by-turn directions inside a mall. The app allows anyone the option to:

1) Select a fastest route to the desired location (this is the default).

2) Select a route using only escalators only.

3) Select elevators only, which is ideal for a parent with stroller or individuals with any type of walking disability.

Need a restroom

Simply tap the toilet icon on the bottom left of the map, or shake your iPhone, and FastMall shows where the nearest restrooms are located on a custom-designed mall directory virtual map. When it's time to grab a snack or a meal, tap the "Find Food" button and FastMall displays all available dining options.

"Parents with young children will especially appreciate the convenience of FastMall," Feuer said. "There are few things worse than a squirming toddler with a bathroom emergency and you have no idea where to go."

To use FastMall, shoppers first download the FREE app from the iPhone app store, and then select the interactive mall maps of their choice. The map of Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey is FREE, allowing users to get a feel for how FastMall works with the virtual mapping technology. FastMall's database currently includes 1250 malls in the U.S., four in Canada (West Edmonton, Park Royal in Vancouver, Toronto Eaton Center and Metropolis at Metrotown) and one in the UK (Bluewater Mall), with 62 featuring the virtual mall map technology at the time of this release. More virtual mall maps are being added on a weekly basis. FastMall also accepts requests to add malls, other shopping destinations and anywhere else that could benefit from a virtual map. Users simply send an email to to make the request.

FastMall uses GPS to pinpoint the user's current location and then finds the nearest malls. Once the user selects their favorite shopping mall, FastMall's virtual maps (where available) lead the way with interactive take-me-there functionality and brilliant graphics. Because signal strength can be an issue inside the mall, FastMall has been developed to work offline (by downloading the map to the user's phone) as long as the user remains logged in.

Users can also use FastMall to post store, restaurant and even restroom reviews. This iPhone app includes full integration with Facebook and Twitter so friends, family and colleagues can stay connected when shopping. Anyone can create a list of favorite malls, stores and restaurants, as well as wish lists for specific products.

FastMall currently has over 30,000 unique stores and more than 250,000 stores overall. "We're adding new locations every week, and gladly accept requests from anyone," Feuer said. "There's also tremendous potential to extend the service to include universities, airports, conference centers, hospitals and theme parks. Anywhere visitors may need help finding their way, we are developing for those areas."

FastMall's latest version is available FREE from the iPhone App Store. Interactive maps that include the option to shake your iPhone for the nearest restroom range from $0.99 for smaller malls to $2.99 for the largest malls.

For mall-marketing managers and retailers, FastMall provides an incredibly slick and user-friendly way to attract shoppers. Aside from making it easy to find their locations, retailers can leverage FastMall to distribute timed coupons for discounts and other deals exclusively for FastMall subscribers, as well as set up specific keywords within the app for deals to send to users in real time. There are hundreds of ways to advertise inside FastMall. Please contact Sam Feuer for sponsorship/advertising opportunities via email - or phone - (732)348-8785

For more information, visit

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