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Apps to Help You in the Gym

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Published: 2011-05-27 - Updated: 2012-09-16
Author: Amy Leigh
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Synopsis: List of fitness applications for exercises such as utilizing weights and using other gym workout machines. 7 awesome applications to help you in the gym...


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7 awesome applications to help you in the gym...

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Staying fit and healthy is not an easy job, what with all the tempting lifestyle practices that most people do. With the right mix of motivation and discipline, however, being able to live healthily would not be so difficult in the long run. Thankfully, technology has its own ways of reaching out - not through high-end gym machines, but with simple software applications that help achieve your goal.

Here are 7 awesome applications to help you in the gym:


This is a great app if you are looking for something comprehensive. With just $1.99, you are given access to about 300 exercises, such as those utilizing weights and other gym machines. If the exercise routine sounds too foreign, a brief description will help you. Moreover, you can make your own fitness routines, and even track your progress.

Lose It!

Lose it not only focuses on exercise, but on the importance of eating healthy. The name says it all this app will help you keep track of what you do and what you eat. The discipline of entering all these data will help you reach your dream goal. The best part of this app, of course, is that it is totally free.


Running has been proven to shed all those love handles, as you tend to sweat a lot. It would be very fulfilling to know how well you did, and RunKeeper can help you in that. This app sells for $9.99, but there is a free version of this if you are on a tight budget.

4. Gym Tracker

Utilizing Gym Tracker will help you come up with unique exercise routines. There are over 100 various exercises that you can manage on your own. This gives you more freedom to choose on what exercises you want to perform.

Fitness Builder

The user interface of Fitness Builder is very easy and convenient. The best part of this app is that it actually points out your mistakes during exercising, while teaching the correct ways. You can also personalize your exercise routines using this app.

Gym Buddy

It keeps track of all your physical activity, so that you are aware of what how much you are working out. Apart from that, Gym Buddy reminds you of any medical information that you enter, such as medications and therapies.

Go Learn Fitness

This is another amazing app that has a lot of exercise videos that you can watch. You will learn the correct ways of exercising various parts of your body, such as the arms, stomach, back and legs. Through correct exercising, you are not far from achieving your goal. Exercising should not be just a one-time activity. It should be a daily routine, something which you will consider as an important part of your lifestyle. With all the unhealthy food and dangerous habits you are exposed to, it is vital to keep watch of your health. Being in tip-top condition should be made a priority. Fortunately, your smartphone or tablet will help you on the way to healthiness.

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