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iParkomat Disabled Parking Spots App

  • Published: 2015-10-20 (Rev. 2015-11-18) - Contact: iParkomat at
  • Synopsis: IParkomat provides free and open database to search for nearest blue-badge parking spots by anyone.

Definition: Blue Badge Parking

The Blue Badge Parking Scheme is a service for people with severe mobility problems that enables badge holders to park close to where they need to go. The Blue Badge Scheme operates throughout the UK, and is administered in Northern Ireland by TransportNI. It is an offense to park a vehicle in a Blue Badge parking bay, without displaying a Blue Badge.

Main Document

"The database of available parking spots is constantly increasing, thanks to a growing iParkomat community, around the globe."

Most people with a disability can get a driver's license - and even those who cannot and travel by car with someone else should have transportation barriers reduced to minimum.

Although many disabled parking spots are created, there is still no specific, universal database that would allow people to quickly and easily find the closest disabled parking spot, from any location. wants to change that.

As of only a couple of days ago, iParkomat has launched new functionality that allows users to register, store and search information for any disabled parking spot in the world. Now people with disabilities can find a place for their cars in the most convenient location - with one tap on their smartphone.

iParkomat App
iParkomat App
iParkomat has made the finding and adding of disabled parking spots near users as easy as possible. Simple entering the address on, the website immediately shows a list of the nearest parking spaces, including disabled parking. In addition, will display whether this parking space is paid, its price, and its availability.

IParkomat provides free and open database to search for nearest blue-badge parking spots by anyone, and absolutely anyone can register a disabled parking spot through his/her smartphone or computer, making the parking spot immediately search-able and available to all in need.

The database of available parking spots is constantly increasing, thanks to a growing iParkomat community, around the globe - our solution is aimed to help reduce transportation barriers and increase the touristic possibilities of your city for all persons with disabilities.

iParkomat invites you and local authorities for cooperation.

The city of Warsaw, Poland, where iParkomat has its roots, has already provided data on public parking places for the disabled within the city, and now the entire city's population can find the location of all of the hundreds of public parking spaces for people with disabilities. Users can also find the first disabled parking spots registered in the US, Spain, Germany, and other countries.

iParkomat is currently in talks with some of the largest cities around the globe, and invites all individuals, businesses, foundations and associations to join their effort in reducing transportation barriers for people with disabilities.

We will be very grateful if you could provide us with data about public disabled parking spaces located within your municipality or county. As soon as we receive the data we will import locations of each parking spaces for the disabled and we will present them for free to all in need -

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