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iPhone Apps for Disability and Vision Impairments

Published: 2009-03-05 - Updated: 2013-06-03
Author: Greg DiFalco, Independent Living Aids LLC
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Synopsis: Reviews of iPhone Apps that can make your life easier including vision and hearing impairment applications for the blind and or deaf. With technology advancing faster than most of us can adapt, it is often difficult to see the usefulness of the latest gadget.

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With technology advancing faster than most of us can adapt, it is often difficult to see the usefulness of the latest gadget.


The designers of the iPhone, however, have realized that their new phone can be used for more than just listening to music or playing games.

Listed below are some incredibly helpful applications available for the iPhone that can truly make your life easier.

Vision Applications

Your eyesight is an incredibly valuable asset. The applications below test your vision, exercise your eyes, tract your acuity, or just help with routine activities, making your life easier and more independent.

Vision by AppZap - This application helps test and protect your vision. It includes various functions such as eye exercises that keep your eyes healthy and minimize eyestrain, fun games like optical illusions and stereograms, as well as tests tracking your color vision, astigmatism, retinal function and visual field. It also provides practical information relating to different aspects of vision.

Eye Test by Bokan Technologies - A portable testing tool for near visual acuity, color test and visual illusions, this application tests your visual acuity with the Snellen eye Chart and records your results to see how your vision has changed over time.

Splash 'n' Dash - Eye Training by Kendi Tech - Exercise and challenge your eyes with momentary vision and focus ability tests. The application flashes a 6 digit number for a quarter of a second and then you have to enter it into the program, which tracks your results over time.

Colorblind by Andrew Borland - A game that challenges your ability to memorize and create colors, this application stretches your ideas about color in a completely new way.

ISpectrum Color Blind Assistant by Wishbone Apps - An application that is essential for the colorblind, ISpectrum identifies any color by name. With over 500 verified colors, the application uses your camera and zoom tools to focus in on the items you need, providing fast and efficient help and the touch of a button.


Learning Braille is important to many family and friends of those who are blind; however, it is sometimes difficult and time consuming to learn. These applications make learning Braille easy and portable, allowing you the ability to communicate with your loved ones quickly.

Bumps - A Braille Guide by Izatt International - Learn the Braille alphabet with three convenient methods including a quick reference guide with all 26 letters displayed, flash cards and word play. This application is a great way to learn Braille while on the go.

Learn Braille by Paul Ziegler - This application helps anyone with regular sight learn and master Braille. The program helps you learn Braille with standard letters and symbols as well as Braille in Japanese, Hebrew, Korean and Chinese.

Braille Clock by Peter Elst - Practice your Braille numbers with this Braille Digital Clock.

Linguistical by - This program helps you learn to sight read Braille as well as a variety of other languages. A language learning tool, the system was designed to increase your vocabulary skills while you're on-the-go.

ASL Programs

American Sign Language (ASL) is broken down and demonstrated through a variety of fantastic programs. Find the level that works best for you and increase your communication skills with your friends and family. If you are interested in the basic ASL alphabet, you can use American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet by DMBC, ABC Sign by, or Hand Speak by Imagine Software. More advanced applications are listed below.

Sign Smith ASL by Vcom3D - This application comes in three different versions. The Lite version includes 20 signs and is a great start for learning ASL. The Essential version increases your skills to 100 signs while the Ultimate level contains 1,200 signs. The 3D application provides easy to follow instruction, allowing you to learn basic words and greetings and continuing to full conversations.

ASL by Zoosware - Another program available in three levels, the ASL program is easy and enjoyable application that lets you learn at your own pace, tracking your progress along the way. The Lite version contains 50 words, Pro has 700 and Ultimate contains 1,400 signs.

Baby Sign ASL by - A video phrase book with over 200 signs useful for children, Baby Sign provides your child with the ability to communicate before they can even speak. It is believed that learning sign language as a baby enhances their learning skills, increases your baby's IQ, increases self-esteem and builds trust.

Other Helpful Aids

The iPhone also has a variety of other applications that can help with your daily routine. From tracking your medication to your glucose levels, these programs can become a life-saving addition to your daily routine.

Pillboxer by Nixwire - Track all your medications, vitamins and supplements in one place. This helpful application includes a full database of 11,000 FDA approved medications, visual pill box icons that let you track the medications taken during the week, a web reference to look up detailed information about your medication, notification if you've missed any scheduled times and much more.

Glucose Buddy - Diabetes Helper by OneAppOneCause - This application is a smart, easy and effective way to track your blood glucose, food, exercise and medicine. A convenient way to record all of your healthy steps in one place, and help manage your medical care.

Disabled World Updates App on iPhone - The world can be a tough place for those who are disabled or handicapped. Not only is there the challenge of living with your disability, but for many a handicap also brings the stress of living on a fixed income. Whether you yourself are disabled or you help to care for a disabled person this is a must have app. Disabled World Updates delivers the latest news on overcoming disabilities, and new technologies to help you cope with your situation. Whether your life is affected by autism or paralysis there are new discoveries made everyday. So get this app and the next update might just be the one that makes all the difference to you and your family -

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