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Pregnancy PRO - Pregnancy Test App for Smartphones

  • Published: 2016-09-28 - Contact: First Response at
  • Synopsis: First Response Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test can tell a woman 6 days sooner than her missed period, and it is over 99% accurate.

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"First Response products can tell a woman 6 DAYS sooner than her missed period, and it's over 99% accurate..."

A Pregnancy Test for Your Phone? First Response develops the first and only Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test...

If you were born on September 16, welcome to the biggest birthday party in America! Research shows that September is the most common birth month in the U.S. - But finding out you're pregnant and knowing what to do next is crucial to your baby's health.

Obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin joined us with the latest information about planning for baby.

There are lots of things women can do to prepare their bodies for pregnancy - take pre-natal vitamins, eat healthy foods, quit smoking and drinking if/when you plan to get pregnant, pay attention to your cycle for the best days to get pregnant but don't get stressed out about schedules.

You'll always want to confirm any pregnancy test result with your doctor, but taking an at-home pregnancy test and knowing your pregnancy status allows a woman to initiate prenatal care as soon as possible.

First Response™ has debuted the new Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test & App Access. First Response products can tell a woman 6 DAYS sooner than her missed period, and it's over 99% accurate at detecting the pregnancy hormone from the day of her expected period.

Pregnancy PRO is the first and only Bluetooth® enabled pregnancy test that connects to a mobile application. The connected app provides users with a unique experience based on their user profile and test result. The test stick syncs to the First Response™ app that is a free download on Android, Apple and Amazon devices. The app provides instructions and Step-by-Step Assurance that ensures you've taken the test correctly.

While awaiting the results, it offers Wait Time Support including educational articles, relaxing videos and entertaining quizzes to help reduce stress during the 3-min wait. After the 3 minutes, the test result is displayed on the test and on the First Response mobile app.

If your test is negative, it suggests articles and products to help understand and maximize your fertility.

If your test is positive, it provides information and post result support for her pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy PRO offers a pregnancy tracker, estimated due date, appointment reminders, suggests questions for your doctor, and provides updates on the baby's growth (based on normal gestational development).

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