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Apps for College Students with Special Needs

  • Published: 2012-02-09 (Rev. 2016-06-11) - Contact: Jessica Bosari
  • Synopsis: Several helpful Apps for students with special needs attending college including class schedules note taking and audio recordings of notes.

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App - Also known as Application software or simply application, is defined as computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks. Mobile applications run on hand-held devices such as mobile phones (cell phones), personal digital assistants, and enterprise digital assistants.

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"Regardless of whether students plan to go to traditional four-year universities or specialized vocational education programs such as criminal justice schools, they have more opportunities than ever before."

Making the transition from high school to college can be a challenge for any student, but for students with special needs, it can be like waking up and finding yourself on another planet.

These students are fortunate to be attending school at a time when they have more rights and opportunities available than ever before, both in the form of laws intended to help them receive the assistance they need to succeed. And now, apps for smartphones and tablets offer even more help.

Special Needs Challenges

"Special needs" is an all-encompassing term that covers a variety of challenges and disabilities, all of which have their own unique difficulties. Students with autism spectrum disorders may have trouble with working in teams or managing time appropriately. Students with dyslexia have the challenge of coping with a pile of reading material and papers to write.

A student in a wheelchair requires access to facilities including classrooms and on-campus housing. In previous years, these students might have slipped through the cracks, been slapped with a "failure" label and quietly dropped out, never realizing their true potential.

Legal Rights for Students with Special Needs

Now, legislation exists that helps students with special needs receive equal access to education. Regardless of whether students plan to go to traditional four-year universities or specialized vocational education programs such as criminal justice schools, they have more opportunities than ever before.

Some of the legal rights include:

An enrollment specialist can be especially helpful navigating the rights and responsibilities of college students with special needs. And as technology advances, new applications are being developed that help special needs students learn with less assistance, allowing them to better navigate college life.

Students with disabilities are making great strides in acquiring the rights and privileges every person should have. The Criminal Justice Blog helps students find online criminal justice programs, making education easier to attain for those with disabilities.

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