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Visually Impaired Accessible SuperPhoto Photo Sharing App

  • Published: 2012-04-01 : Author: Carve Gybe Software
  • Synopsis: SuperPhoto follows Apple Accessibility standards and using Apple VoiceOver is accessible by visually impaired users.

Carve Gybe Software has announced the availability of SuperPhoto, a new iOS Universal App that they call "the simplest way to take and share photos."

SuperPhoto - Simplifies the camera to just three buttons and makes it a simple 1 step to take a picture and share it at the same time. SuperPhoto follows Apple's Accessibility guidelines, using VoiceOver to allow visually impaired users complete access to all features. Email photos to friends and family while you are taking them - post to Facebook or tweet them if you have a Twitter account.

SuperPhoto follows Apple's Accessibility guidelines and allows visually impaired users full access to all features using VoiceOver.

The new camera app was designed for ease-of-use with the intent of allowing users to enjoy the moment, and take and share better photos.

SuperPhoto simplifies the iOS camera to just three buttons.

"I want a camera that gets out of the way, lets me capture the moment and share it with family. SuperPhoto does exactly that." States Carve Gybe Software founder John Alexander. iOS devices are now used by a growing range of people - not just tech types, and Carve Gybe believes that everyone should have an easy-to-use camera. "We created SuperPhoto for everybody - kids, parents, and grandparents who want to enjoy the moment and share it" says Alexander.

SuperPhoto also follows Apple's Accessibility standards and, using Apple's VoiceOver which is included on all iOS devices, is 100% accessible by visually impaired users, making it one of the few camera apps to be so.

SuperPhoto's easy interface - one touch of the red Share button (at upper right in photo) shares via Email, Twitter or Facebook.About This Image: SuperPhoto's easy interface - one touch of the red Share button (at upper right in photo) shares via Email, Twitter or Facebook.A single touch of a prominent Share button takes a photo and shares it through Email, Twitter or Facebook. When sharing is not needed, one touch of the Camera button simply takes a photo. Users may later view and edit their photos in Apple's Photos App just like any other photo. Touching the Print button will capture and send a photo to any nearby AirPrint capable printer.

Carve Gybe believes these three functions are easy to explain and to use by anybody ages 5 to 105.

A Settings area lets the user choose the default sharing method, optional default text if wanted, and in the case of email allows the further option of sending the photo as a pdf file.

SuperPhoto is available in the Apple App Store ( for US 99 cents, and is available in all Apple App Stores worldwide. SuperPhoto is an iOS Universal App requiring a minimum of iOS 5 and camera-capable iPad or iPhone.

Carve Gybe Software was founded in 2011 by Alexander, SuperPhoto is their seventh release. The name of the company derives from a method of quickly changing sail direction while turning a windsurf board, called a "carve gybe".

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