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Developmental Disabilities App for iPhone and iPad

  • Published: 2011-04-06 - Contact: Therap Services, LLC
  • Synopsis: T-Log Reader application allows staff members working for agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities to securely communicate.

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Developmental Disabilities Software on iPhone - Therap Developmental Disabilities Software on Mobile for daily progress notes.

Developmental Disabilities software provider Therap Services has released a mobile app for the iPhone and iPads. Called the 'T-Log Reader', the application allows staff members, working for agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities, to securely communicate and share day-to-day information and progress notes while they are moving within the community.

The Developmental Disabilities Software 'T-Log Reader' is a mobile version of Therap T-Logs which are used to document health and behavioral concerns of individuals. Also, its flexible options make it an excellent replacement for day/shift notes, communication logs and other necessary documentations within a given program. The mobile application is suitable for electronic visit verification reporting as it supports data entry on site.

The mobile app establishes a high level of accountability while allowing for decentralized data entry. The data entered is automatically time and date stamped and is instantly available to supervisors and other authorized users of the Therap application. The software marks each action taken by the user with an electronic signature. Coupled with GPS location tracking and time/date stamped photos this provides a multi-level data authentication and serves as a proof of service delivery. The data entered is transmitted in encrypted form and downloaded into Therap's servers.

Additional features of the developmental disabilities software include voice recording, which allows users to record verbal accounts to go with their reports.

The current 'T-Log Reader' version is available in the Apple app store at no additional cost to Therap users. The product will be demonstrated at Therap conferences in Missouri, Delaware and West Virginia, scheduled to take place in April and May.

About Therap - Therap developmental disabilities software solutions are widely used by support providers and state organizations working with people with developmental disabilities, for case management and eligibility assessments. Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reports, medication error reports, behavior tracking, individual service plans and goal tracking, health records, medication administration records, supported employment and case management notes among others. Therap also offers staff support for employee training management and work scheduling as well as billing solutions including service authorizations, attendance and professional claim tracking modules. Therap's HIPAA, HITECH and ARRA compliant software applications are suitable for day programs, residential services, supported living, behavioral health and community support programs.


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