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Telme John App: Text-to-speech App for iOS

By Patrick Jayet

Telme John Beats Microsoft's NewsCast App to the Punch with Text2Speech Reader. Amazingly getting a formidable jump on Microsoft, an independent app developer from Switzerland launches Telme John. The new text-to-speech app for iOS will read any online news article aloud in English, French and German.

Created to turn newspaper articles into podcasts, the new Telme John app steps ahead of Microsoft to bring text2speech functionality to the masses. The news reader takes advantage of a service that uses Computer Vision algorithms to read website articles aloud in their entirety. Optimizing the daily schedules of listeners with hands-free news, the enterprising app changes the game for the visually impaired as well. A David and Goliath story for the digital age, Telme John is now available in the iOS App Store while Microsoft's NewsCast 30 second reader is still in development.

Similar in functionality to NewsCast, Telme John brings a superior approach.

Telme John allows the user to "read" a news article from beginning to end. It will then automatically go to the next news article supplied by the chosen news source or blog.

In a three step process the free app supplies published news without interruption similar to a feed. Users need only start the app, choose a channel or news source, select an article, and from there the entire newspaper will be read.

Turning text to speech, the app has full integration with browsers and apps like Safari and Twitter. Telme John uses no special format like RSS and supports English, French and German.

Telme John App Screenshots
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Patrick Jayet, the developer of Telme John said of the launch,

"When I saw that there was no easy solution to read a newspaper in a semi-automatic fashion on a smartphone I developed the app in my free time. Now we can control our news intake by listening and using remote functionality. That's very useful while jogging or in any situation where it's not easy to manage your device directly."

Catering to people with busy lives the Telme John app is optimum for staying informed while commuting, doing daily tasks, or playing sports. Fully compatible with the iOS accessibility standard, VoiceOver, Telme John makes news accessible to the visually impaired like never before. For optimum use, the app was developed in collaboration with two associations for the visually impaired in Switzerland.

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