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Track My Route School Bus Tracking App Gives Special Needs Parents Peace of Mind

  • Publish Date : 2019/02/11
  • Author : TMR Technology*
  • Contact : trackmyrouteapp.com

Synopsis: TMR Technology has found a way to ease the stress of special needs transportation with their new parent app, Track My Route.

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When it comes to transportation to and from school, parents of disabled students face immense challenges. School bus tracking has the potential to remedy some of these issues, but until now these needs have not been met by existing solutions. TMR Technology has found a way to ease the stress of special needs transportation with their new parent app, Track My Route.

Through a simple mobile interface, parents can get real-time data related to their bus route. As opposed to regular GPS capabilities, Track My Route incorporates each stop along the bus route, drawing a route line to your stop and pulling live distance, directions, and traffic data to constantly update the estimated time away. Most special needs buses pull up directly to the house of the rider, rather than a nearby stop. TMR took this into account to allow parents to know exactly when their bus will be pulling up outside. The result is a seamless morning experience where parents have time to get their disabled student ready for school. The app itself was tested by special needs parents and launched in special needs districts, focusing on serving the disabled.

Cindy Lambrakis is the operations manager of special needs transportation at American School bus, here is what she had to say.

TMR (Track My Route) App logo.
TMR (Track My Route) App logo."From an administrative perspective, Track My Route, will help to alleviate the volume of calls that our dispatchers are inundated with on a daily basis. The drivers will be able to concentrate on driving and not radio chatter." She went on to discuss special needs transportation. "Structure is very important to a special needs child. Once a parent has put on that child's coat or safety vest, that child knows he or she is ready for the bus. When the bus is late, their routine was just stopped. This can negatively affect their behavior both on the bus and in the classroom. Track My Route will accurately let the parents know where that bus is, allowing the parent control on the timing of the coat/vest, ensuring everyone is ready for a great day. Planning for medication, bathroom breaks, doctors appointments, etc., is important to our parents. Tracking the bus times would be very valuable for the parents' management of these issues."

TMR Technology began as an Indiana University startup aimed at tackling school safety issues with modern software solutions. In an age of increased information and heightened awareness, school bus transportation seemed to be falling behind. Parents no longer are satisfied with a paper schedule of bus stops and times. Inclement weather, obstructions, traffic and other delays can cause bus schedules to fluctuate. It simply is not safe for students to be exposed at the bus stop for indefinite amounts of time. And for students with disabilities, minutes waiting can seem like hours. This is the focus of TMR. With advanced tracking and communication to parents, students don't have to suffer through unnecessary wait times and confusion.

Track My Route is growing will be available in more communities across the country in 2019.

To get in contact with TMR Technology, email info@tmrtechnology.com, or go to trackmyrouteapp.com for more info.



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