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Published: 2011/03/06 - Updated: 2019/02/08
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Synopsis: List of handy and accessible compatible VoiceOver Apps for iPhone and Mac computers for persons with disability.

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Accessibility is the successful access to information and information technologies by people with disabilities.

"VoiceOver has taken a quantum leap forward in its ability to navigate the web, providing dramatic performance improvements, new commands for greater control, improved compatibility, and support for emerging accessibility standards " - Apple

By using VoiceOver, a person can access their Macintosh or iOS device based on spoken descriptions and, in the case of the Mac, the keyboard. The feature is designed to increase accessibility for blind and low-vision users, as well as for users with dyslexia. VoiceOver is included on the latest versions of Apple's iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, as well as recent Macs and iOS devices.

If you're blind or have low vision, you can enjoy the simplicity, security, and reliability of the Mac using VoiceOver.

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iPhone 5S front and back
iPhone 5S front and back

It's built into the Mac OS X operating system that comes with every new Mac and sets a new standard for screen readers. VoiceOver also includes support for many Braille displays for those who are both blind and deaf. In addition, VoiceOver includes features for those that cannot use the mouse, such as keyboard based navigation. For users with MacBooks or Magic Trackpads, a number of special multi-touch features are also available.

Further information on VoiceOver can be found on the Apple website at www.apple.com/accessibility/mac/vision/

List of Apple iOS VoiceOver Compatible Applications
Audio Apps
Amadeus II and Pro
Apple iTunes
Audible for iPhone
Black Cat Systems Audio Recorder
Freeverse Sound Studio
Rogue Amoeba Airfoil
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro
Rogue Amoeba Fission
Softcon Audio Burn
Braille Apps
Index Braille iBraille
Turbo Braille
Calendar Apps
Apple iCal
Bare Bones Software Yojimbo
Econ Technologies DayChaser
Communication Apps
Apple iChat
Flagship Industries Ventrillo
Microsoft Messenger
Softpedia Proteus
Database Apps
OpenOffice 3
Entertainment Apps
Audiobook Player
fandango (us only)
Inside redbox mobile lite
Finance Apps
Bank of America (US Only)
Splasm Checkbook
Food and Restaurant Apps
Urban spoon
Games Apps
Bing Bong
Clever Clues
THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em
True or False
Name that tune
What Would You Do if
Health and Fitness Apps
StepTrak Lite
News eMail and RSS Apps
Apple Mail
AP mobile
Free RSS reader
New York Times
Sky News
Telme John (Now NewsBot)
Presentation Apps
OpenOffice 3
Radio Apps
I Heart Radio
Public Radio Tuner
Wunder Radio
Slacker Radio
Religion and Spirituality Apps
Bible YouVersion
Mantis Bible Study
Reference Apps
Software MacKiev WorldBook
Vital Source Bookshelf
Scanning/OCR Apps
Hamrick Vue Scan
Iris ReadIris Pro 11
Shopping Apps
Amazon mobile
Red Laser
Social Networking Apps
Myspace Mobile
Twittelator Pro
Sports Apps
MLB at bat 2009
Score Center from ESPn
Utilities Apps
Apple Activity Monitor
Apple Address Book
Apple AirPort Utility
Apple Automator
Apple Boot Camp Assistant
Apple Calculator
Apple Chess
Apple Console
Apple Dashboard
Apple Dictionary
Apple Directory
Apple Disk Utility
Apple Font Book
Apple iSync
Apple Keychain Access
Apple Migration Assistant
Apple Network Utility
Apple Spotlight
Apple System Preferences
Apple System Profiler
Apple Terminal
Apple Time Machine
Apple VoiceOver Utility
Assistiveware SwitchXS
Assistiveware VisioVoice
List Recorder
Mark/Space Missing Sync
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection
Panic Transmit
Roxio Toast
Smith Micro Stuffit lite 6.5
Softcon Data Burn
Viewer/Player Apps
Apple Front Row
Apple iTunes
Apple Preview PDF/image viewer
Apple QuickTime Player
AquaMinds Viewer
Olearia Daisy Player
Skim PDF reader
Softcon PDF viewer
VLC media player
Utility Apps
Google mobile
ocrNow! Lite
Voice Apps
Assistiveware InfoVox iVox
Cepstral Voices
Voice Secretary
Web Apps
AOL Desktop
AIM for Mac
Apple Safari
MarsEdit 2
The Omni Group OmniWeb
Word Processing Apps
Apple TextEdit
Mariner MacJournal
Mariner Montage
Mariner Write
Nisus Writer Express
Nisus Writer Pro
OpenOffice 3
TexShop LaTeX
XJournal journaling software
Miscellaneous Apps
Alpha Baby
AquaMinds NoteShare
AquaMinds NoteShare Server
AquaMinds NoteTaker
Better Clock
DevonThink Pro
DTBmaker Mac
MacSpeech Dictate!
VMWare Fusion
White Noise Lite
Apple TV (tvOS)
THETA Poker Pro - Texas Hold 'Em

Note: If you know of other VoiceOver compatible apps for the iPhone or Mac please contact us so we can add the Application to the list. Likewise, if an App doesn't work as expected with VoiceOver let us know so we can remove the entry.

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