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Adaptive Driving Controls Publications
Title of
Car Dealerships to Provide Hand Controls for Test Drives for Disabled2017/08/032020/03/24
Guidosimplex Hand Controls for Drivers with Disabilities2014/03/02
Safe Driving and Car Modifications for Seniors2013/03/132022/02/09
Turny Evo Seat Lift System Aids Entering and Exiting Vehicles2012/03/132021/10/07
Peddle Master Portable Car Hand Controls2012/01/052021/11/03
Peugeot Impulse the New Drive From Disability Car2011/04/282013/06/04
Why Seniors Are Generally Less Astute Drivers2011/01/28
Blind Man to Drive at Daytona Speedway2011/01/282018/06/21
State-Of-The-Art Vehicle to Assist People with Disabilities2010/11/17
Obtaining Car Insurance without Drivers License2010/09/28
MWC 2010: FlashFind Fast Search on GPS and Mobile Devices2010/02/05
Motorcycle Engineering Innovations for Disabled2009/10/18
Making an RV Disability Accessible2009/07/152012/09/16
GPS Navigation System for Finding Disability Parking Spaces2009/02/112015/10/01
GPS Navigation Systems for Directionally Challenged People2009/02/112010/07/13
Wheelchair Carriers for Vans and Cars2009/02/092010/11/25
Hand Controls for Vehicles2009/02/082014/03/01
Adapted Vehicles Driving for the Disabled2009/02/082013/08/01
GM's Mobility Program now Includes Saab2008/10/022009/02/08

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