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Guidosimplex Hand Controls for Drivers with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-03-02 - Information regarding Guidosimplex Hand Controls the latest device in hand control technology for disabled drivers - Better Life Mobility (Mo Abusham - Ph: (714) 624-3747).
Hand Controls
Automotive adaptive devices which either reduce the physical effort required to control and/or operate a vehicle or alter the way in which driver control initiatives are applied to the vehicle control systems. These adaptive devices provide the possibility of driving a vehicle for many drivers with disabilities.

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Quote: "Guidosimplex offers "all-in-one" driving systems that allow you to accelerate and brake with a single lever."

Better Life Mobility makes it simple to buy and install hand controls for cars and wheelchair vans.

Better Life Mobility Centers of San Diego is proud to offer the latest in hand control technology - Guidosimplex Hand Controls. In our showrooms in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas you'll find complete driving systems, accelerators, brakes, secondary controls, clutches, easy-grip handles for steering wheels. Solve your driving problems and gain back your independence with ease.

Guidosimplex is a world famous Italian manufacturer who helps millions of disabled drivers get back on the road. "Beauty and simplicity, as well as cutting-edge technology and ergonomical design are their trademarks over the last 50 years." said Mo Abusham CEO of Better Life Mobility Centers. "As we recently became exclusive distributor for Guidosimplex disabled controls in the United States, I can promise to all our clients affordable prices and the best customer support they can get," continued Mo.

Guidosimplex hand controls
About This Image: Guidosimplex hand controls
What makes Guidosimplex hand controls so unique

  • Along with sleek and inimitable Italian design that will thrill you and premium quality, most important is the fact that all products are fully customizable to meet all specific requests by user.
  • Hand controls are tested, approved by all reputable vehicle manufacturers worldwide, like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Opel, Renault and many others.
  • Satisfying latest ISO safety requirements means they are safe for use even on a race track.
  • All products can be installed on new or used wheelchair minivans, SUV's, even on super sport cars like Ferrari and Tesla.

As stated above, Guidosimplex offers "all-in-one" driving systems that allow you to accelerate and brake with a single lever. Using accelerators in the form of a wheel ring, you can accelerate with both hands on the wheel. Unique "Ghost" design makes the ring almost invisible. When it comes to braking, you can choose between steering-mounted or floor-mounted brake levers.

Guidosimplex products can guarantee a smooth ride no matter the disability level of the driver. A natural, comfortable driving position and minimal intrusion on the vehicle means effortless driving for all handicapped drivers. Watch Here

About Better Life Mobility Centers - BLMC is a family-owned company responsible for providing help to disabled persons for over two decades. New wheelchair vans or pre-owned handicap vans, medical scooters and wheelchairs are just a small portion of our inventory.

To get an estimate on hand controls installation contact us on or call (888) 540 8267.

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