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Peugeot Impulse the New Drive From Disability Car

  • Published: 2011-04-28 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-04) : Author: Allied Mobility
  • Synopsis: The Peugeot Impulse is a clever new disability car from UK conversion specialists Allied Mobility.

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"The Peugeot Impulse is a compact wheelchair accessible vehicle that can comfortably accommodate two wheelchair users up-front, yet remains easy to drive and park."

The Peugeot Impulse is a clever new disability car from UK conversion specialists Allied Mobility.

Built from a Peugeot Bipper Tepee light van, the Impulse allows manual and powered wheelchair users easy access and the option of driving the vehicle from a wheelchair. With the benefit of a remotely controlled-automatic tailgate and ramp, the Impulse offers disabled drivers true independence.

The completely flat floors and secure floor-locking stations of the Impulse allow wheelchair users a number of different options for travel. With easily-removable driver and passenger seats, wheelchairs can be secured up-front as passenger, driver, or both: the Impulse has sufficient space to accommodate two wheelchair occupants side-by-side. In addition, there is the option of internal transfer from a wheelchair to the driver's seat for wheelchair users who wish to drive from a standard driver's seat - much safer and easier that traditional external transfers.

Both the automatic tailgate and wheelchair ramp can be operated remotely through the Impulse key fob, allowing the ramp and tailgate to be lowered from within the home before travel. In addition, there are no gear controls or hand brake in the central space to limit room. Gears and the handbrake for the automatic Impulse are replaced with push button controls for ease of use.

The Peugeot Impulse is a compact wheelchair accessible vehicle that can comfortably accommodate two wheelchair users up-front, yet remains easy to drive and park. The Impulse wheelchair ramp is shorter than those of traditional disability cars; less room is needed at the rear of the vehicle to lower the ramp, meaning smaller parking spaces are accessible. With combined fuel consumption of 65.6 MPG, the Impulse is an economical everyday vehicle. The Peugeot Impulse is fully accredited to the UK Motability Scheme

Established in 1993, the Allied Vehicles Group has grown consistently to become the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of adapted and special purpose vehicles.

Allied Mobility is one of four of the company's branded divisions which also include Allied Electric, Cab Direct and Allied Leasing. Allied Mobility is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelchair cars throughout the UK via the Motability Scheme.

Allied is an equal opportunities employer, a BSI Registered company and is committed to efficient use of resources, to benefit both the company and the environment.

For more information on Motability vehicles visit the Allied Mobility website at

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