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Turny Evo Assists People with Limited Mobility Enter and Exit Vehicles

  • Synopsis: Published: 2012-03-13 - Turny Evo swivels the car seat out of the car and lowers it to the height of the wheelchair. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Autoadapt.

Definition: Turny Evo

Turny Evo - A seat lift system that moves a vehicle's seat through the door, so disabled passengers can more easily get in and out of it. The Turny Evo swivels the car seat out through the door opening and lowers the seat to a comfortable level above the ground.

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Turny Evo from Autoadapt is a unique solution that helps drivers and passengers with limited mobility to get into and out of the car.

In order to make it easier for a driver seated in a wheelchair, the Turny Evo swivels the car seat out of the car and lowers it to the height of the wheelchair.

The user transfers to the car seat by sliding over and is comfortably lifted into the car by the Turny Evo.

After a successful year with the passenger side solution a driver side version of the Turny Evo is now shown during the 82nd International Motor Show in Geneva.

"The function may seem simple, but what we have successfully done here has the potential to simplify everyday life for a lot of people with limited mobility", says Executive Vice President of Autoadapt Peter Wahlsten. "You must not underestimate what it means to be able to get around without the help from others, to be able to choose and drive the car you desire, not because your disability demands a certain type of vehicle. For us it's about giving people greater independence without compromising safety."

Close up picture of the Turny Evo Seat
Close up picture of the Turny Evo Seat
The streamline design of cars today have made more harm than good for those who have trouble getting in and out of the car.

The tight design leaves very little room to swivel a seat out of the car, an issue the design engineers at Autoadapt solved with a unique customizable path of movement. This makes it possible to make optimum use of the space in the doorway and creates more room for the user.

Furthermore it means that every installation is tailored to user and vehicle, which gives the user the positive effect to be able to choose from more car models than previously possible.

The Turny Evo solution is universal and crash tested and approved for installation between the floor and seat of the car.

A Range Rover Evoque with a driver side installation of the Turny Evo will be available for viewing at the International Motor Show in Geneva 8-18 of March 2012, at Autoadapt's Swiss dealer Haueter, hall 6 stand 6258.

Turny Evo is developed and produced by the Swedish company Autoadapt. All Autoadapt products are distributed via the company's worldwide network of trained and authorized dealers.

About Autoadapt - Autoadapt was founded in 1996 and has since grown to one of the world's leading manufacturers of car adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility.

The company offers a wide range of award-winning and safety tested solutions for adapting vehicles for increased accessibility.

The Turny seat lift and Carony wheelchair system are innovative products that eliminate the need for lifting a person into or out of the vehicle, making the disabled and elderly user more independent.

For more information, please visit

Turny Evo Seat
Turny Evo Seat


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