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RightPatient Iris Biometrics Unique Patient Identification Solution

  • Published: 2014-07-03 : Author: M2SYS Technology : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Archbold Memorial Hospital implements RightPatient patient identification solution designed to increase patient safety and medical data integrity.

Quote: "Patients simply have their photo captured, the system matches their iris templates, and their medical record is automatically retrieved."

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Unique Patient Identification Solution Seamlessly Interfaces with Siemens EHR and Performs Fast, Real-Time De-duplication to Prevent Duplicate Medical Records and Eliminate Fraud.

M2SYS Healthcare Solutions today announced that Archbold Memorial Hospital has implemented RightPatient®, a patient identification solution designed to increase patient safety and medical data integrity. RightPatient® is the industry's most advanced patient identity management solution to ensure 100% patient ID accuracy, allowing Archbold Memorial Hospital staff to instantly retrieve a patient's medical record following a fast biometric search.

Archbold Memorial Hospital sought an identification matching system that could help to prevent mix-ups, stop patient identity fraud, eliminate the creation of duplicate medical records, and reduce billing errors and recognized that iris biometrics presented distinct advantages in patient identification speed, accuracy, hygiene, real-time de-duplication search capability, and data standardization.

Launching the initiative at their flagship hospital with plans to expand the deployment to other medical facilities within their 540-bed network, Archbold Memorial Hospital cited the need to protect patient safety as their number one concern in modernizing their patient identification protocols. Plus, the flexibility of RightPatient® to be used in multiple settings across the continuum of care (including mobile, self-service, and bedside authentications) to ensure accurate patient identification and the ease of scaling the platform as the deployment grows throughout the enterprise were two additional advantages that Archbold Memorial Hospital identified as critical to successful use of the platform.

"The ongoing need to lower risks associated with misidentification and strengthen patient safety are important for us at Archbold, so we really wanted a solution that would not only mitigate these risks and add another layer of protection, but could easily be expanded across our network to help increase patient data integrity - a critical component of quality care in any modern healthcare setting" said Becky Poole, director of patient access at Archbold. "RightPatient® with iris biometrics was a good fit for us because it doesn't require physical contact to support hospital infection control initiatives, seamlessly communicates with our Siemens electronic health records software, and can be used in multiple capacities including on mobile devices and on unconscious patients. Patients simply have their photo captured, the system matches their iris templates, and their medical record is automatically retrieved."

"We are excited about the opportunity to provide Archbold Memorial Hospital the ability to increase patient identification accuracy with our RightPatient® biometrics patient safety and data integrity solution that helps reduce duplicate medical records and eliminate fraud and medical identity theft at the point of service," commented Michael Trader, president of M2SYS Technology. "'We employed our decade of human recognition experience from around the world to innovate this patent pending platform that seamlessly blends with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems and connects big data and knowledge infrastructure to deliver safe care. The solution will help Archbold to reduce duplicate medical records and eliminate medical identity theft, protecting unauthorized access to sensitive patient data. Patient misidentification in healthcare continues to cause avoidable mistakes that directly impact safety while adding unnecessary costs. We support Archbold's choice of our ubiquitous patient identity platform to ensure that the right patient is identified, every time, from any location."

With over a decade of experience and millions of end users in more than 100 countries worldwide, M2SYS Technology delivers innovative, cost-effective, scalable, and practical identity management solutions that increase security and convenience while saving money, building accountability and establishing trust for governments and businesses around the world. M2SYS Healthcare Solutions provides biometric identification solutions for the healthcare industry including; RightPatient® biometric patient identification, RightPunch multi-lingual biometric time clock, and Enterprise Biometrics Suite - a biometrics password management, network logon and file encryption tool. The M2SYS Corporate Blog can be found at

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