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Assistive Electronic Devices and Software Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Electronic Devices and Software category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-12-07Israeli President Honors Special Education Teachers
2017-11-11Athena Fund Distributes iPads to Special Ed Teachers in Southern Israel
2017-10-25Bringing Smile and Head Mouse Control to AAC and Eye Tracking Devices
2017-10-18UCIC Launches Hardware Agnostic Alexa Voice Service Client
2017-10-05New VR Technology Uses Mouth Gestures to Interact in Virtual Reality
2017-08-23Brain-Computer Interface Augmented With Virtual Walking Avatar Can Control Gait
2017-08-23iPad for Every Special Education Teacher in Israel
2017-06-26Taking Eye Fatigue Out of Virtual Reality With New 3D Display
2017-06-13MAS App - Mobile Workplace Accommodation Case Management App
2017-05-28Brain Interface Device Helps Stroke Patients Retrain Brains to Move Paralyzed Hands
2017-05-18LanguageLine InSight for iPhone Interpreter App
2017-05-08Virtual Reality and Other Technologies Poised to Aid Mental Health Treatment
2017-04-24Virtual Reality Used to Help Prevent Falls
2017-03-24Big Keys App: Large Keyboard and Emoji Magnifier for Cell Phones
2017-02-16Connect by BeWarned: Simple App Assists Deaf to Communicate
2017-02-10Immersive Virtual Reality Helping Children with Autism Overcome Phobias
2017-02-04Brain Computer Interface Allows Completely Locked-In People to Communicate
2017-01-023dRudder - Foot Powered Virtual Reality and Gaming Controller
2016-12-15VR Technology May Improve Motor Skills in Damaged Limbs
2016-12-02Amputees with Phantom Limb Pain Helped by Augmented Reality
2016-11-28Augmented Reality Technology Advances Learning
2016-11-13 EdSim: Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Experiences Challenge
2016-11-08BeWarned - Free App for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
2016-11-03Closed Captions and Transcripts Benefit Most Students
2016-10-20Chatstasy App Makes Smartphones Less Complicated for Seniors and Disabled
2016-10-18Smyle Mouse Version 1.2 for Hands-free Control via Face Gestures
2016-08-08VocaliD Personalized Digital Voices for Assistive Devices
2016-07-26VADIA Virtual Reality Simulator Helps Teenagers with Autism Learn How to Drive
2016-07-20Disability and Virtual Reality Technology
2016-06-02Sitecues - Improving Patron Web Accessibility
2016-05-09Windows 10 to Remain Free for People with Accessibility Needs
2016-04-20Vision Website Accessibility Checklist
2016-02-26YouTube & Tablet Computers Empower People with Intellectual Disability Helps Students Read Better
2016-02-23First Accessibility Compliant Electronic Laboratory Notebook
2016-01-20Phone Wear 360° - Perfect Smart Phone Holder for Elderly & People with Disability
2015-12-23Touch Screen Technology Problems? Ask a 2 Year Old
2015-09-14OptiKey: Assistive On-screen Keyboard
2015-08-27Capti Narrator for Education: Effective & Accessible Teaching & Learning
2015-08-02Something Happened Windows 10 Error Message Fix
2015-06-17XL-Viewer: Smartphone for Seniors & Disabled
2015-06-16Grizpaw One Handed Games Controller (Left or Right)
2015-05-26New Google Chrome Accessibility Extensions
2015-02-09Robotic Grasping Tools and Brain Control
2015-02-06Kurzweil 1000 V14 Accessible Text-to-speech Software
2015-02-01Keeble - Accessible iOS 8 keyboard
2015-01-29Acapela Group Acapela TTS voices for NVDA Screen Reader
2015-01-28Wrise - New Accessible Mac Word Processor
2015-01-27Learning Math Through Movement with Kinect for Windows
2015-01-23Tablet Computers for Educational Medium
2015-01-21Pediatric Special Needs Gaming Platform Timocco Launches Progress Tool for Performance Tracking
2015-01-13Window-Eyes 9 Screen Reader Released by Ai Squared
2015-01-12New Accessibility Microsoft Office Online Options
2015-01-08Capti Narrator: Listen to Anything on Windows and Mac Computers
2014-12-153 Month License of JAWS Screen Reader for Windows
2014-12-14Introducing Seniors to Social Media Improves Health and Combats Isolation
2014-12-03New Intel System Provides Professor Stephen Hawking Better Communication
2014-11-26Eye Tracking Mouse for People with Disabilities from Samsung
2014-11-14Secure 3-D QR Codes - No Internet Required
2014-10-17DOL Announces Launch of Web Portal on Accessible Workplace Technology
2014-08-06List of Computer Screen Readers for Visually Impaired
2014-06-18TabAccess Device Helps Make Computer Tablets More Accessible
2014-04-22HAFEM Matrix: Accessibility Features for Disabled eLearners: Microsoft Windows vs. Mac OS X
2014-04-10Accessible ReadSpeaker docReader - Online Document Viewer of Choice
2014-02-10Launch of Project Ubi Odyssey the Ubiquitous Computer
2013-11-14Mind Reading Robots are Coming
2013-10-25Google Glass: Revolutionary Uses for Persons with Disability
2013-09-19Tobii Brings Gaze Interaction to Tablet Devices
2013-08-03Vocally Voice Activated Phone Dialer Review
2013-06-10HandsFree News Rss Reader - RSS News for Everybody
2013-05-23Text-To-Speech Freeware Panopreter Basic Enables Computer Speak With Natural Sounding Voices
2013-03-26Greyhound Joins eSSENTIAL Accessibility Initiative to Support Consumers with Disabilities
2013-03-01Handheld Talking Graphing Calculator for Visually Impaired
2013-02-07Promising Developments in Online and Technological Accessibility
2012-12-13Device Helps Children with Disabilities Access Touch Screen Devices
2012-12-02Accessibility Features in Windows 8
2012-11-19Accurate Mind Controlled Computer Cursor
2012-10-26iPad Mini Accessibility Features for People with Disabilities
2012-10-17Ubi Voice-activated Computer Will Benefit People with Disabilities and Elderly
2012-09-10Lip Reading Computer Interprets Emotions
2012-08-21NPointer: Hand or Arm Gestures Control Computer Without Mouse or Touchpad
2012-07-28JayBee Augmentative Communication (AAC) System
2012-07-27Apple Mountain Lion OSX Accessibility Features
2012-07-11Amaze - Website Accessibility Software from Deque Systems
2012-07-03Apple iPad Helps Boy Find His Voice
2012-06-27Captcha Monster - Automatic Website Captcha Code Filler
2012-06-17Essential Accessibility: Tools for Website Accessibility
2012-04-24Demonstration of Technology to Assist Visually Impaired Better Utilize Computers
2012-04-12How to Get an iPad for a Child with a Disability
2012-03-28iPad - A Voice for Children with Autism
2012-02-02Connecting iPad iPhone or iPod to TV or Projector
2012-01-09BodyWave Reads & Reacts to Brainwaves and Provides Interactive Feedback
2011-12-02DVDVideoSoft Programs Fully Accessible for People with Visual Impairments
2011-11-28iPad Kiosks Compliant with New ADA Standards
2011-11-02Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablets - Paperless Society Moves Closer to Reality
2011-10-30Tobii PCEye: Eye Tracking Control for Computers
2011-10-22Apple iPad 2 Accessibility Features Review
2011-08-16ACB and Google Study Computers and Assistive Technology in Blind Community
2011-07-23Tired Eyes from 3D TV and Mobile Phone Displays
2011-07-13People with Disabilities, Jobs and Technological Accessibility in America
2011-06-16DynaWrite Keyboard Communication Device Allows Persons with Speech Disabilities to Type and Talk
2011-06-09Developmental Disabilities Software Version 9
2011-06-02FrontFace for Windows 7 Tablet Functionality
2011-03-25Inclusive Technology's MyZone wins prestigious Award for Best Special Educational Resources or Equipment involving ICT
2011-03-20IVONA Text to Speech for Developers
2011-03-08The Role of Assistive Computer Technology
2011-03-08Apple's iPad Helps Special-Needs Kids Communicate
2011-03-05Human Cues to Improve Computer User Friendliness
2011-02-17Taking Brain Computer Interfaces to the Next Level
2011-02-17Brain Computer Interfaces for People with Spinal Cord Injuries
2011-02-06Apple iPad Accessibility Features
2011-01-29All-in-one Literacy Support Software Package
2010-12-28Ipads Help Autistic Children Communicate
2010-12-21More Choice and Access for Print-Disabled Americans
2010-12-18National Industries for the Blind Calls for Increased Internet Accessibility
2010-11-29USB for Medical Diagnosis
2010-11-17Special Pricing for Intel Reader That Transforms Printed Text to Spoken Word for People with Reading Disabilities
2010-10-27Using Mind Power to Control a Computer
2010-10-27infovox3 Portable Talking Companion for Visually Impaired Users
2010-10-07Hot Virtual Keyboard Ideal for Persons with Physical Disabilities
2010-09-28K-NFB Launches Blio Free E-reader Software
2010-09-23ROKTalk Multi-Language Text-To-Speech Service for Websites
2010-09-15Internet Explorer 9 Beta Release
2010-09-09IVONA Text-To-Speech - Lifelike Text-to-Speech
2010-09-08Panopreter Plus Text to Speech Software
2010-07-31New Accessible Kindle
2010-07-31Librarian of Congress Says Blind Have Right to Access E-books
2010-07-28HP Supports Disabled American Veterans in Benefit Outreach Efforts
2010-07-14Digital TV Changeover Made Simple
2010-07-13Co:Writer University Edition Writing Tool Helps College Students with Disabilities
2010-07-13Reading eBooks and Accessible Textbooks with NEW Read:OutLoud University Edition eBook Reader
2010-07-12DocNog Mobile App Medical Provider Search
2010-07-09Talking Touch-screens on Computer Devices
2010-07-09Wireless Association® to Focus on Accessibility and Disability Issues
2010-06-28Blio e-Reader Software Information and Accessibility
2010-06-15Jedi Mind Inc Comments on Mayo Clinic "Typing With Brainwaves" Video
2010-06-10Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
2010-06-10Jedi Mind Focuses Medical Division on $220 Billion Disabled Market
2010-05-13Brain Power: Thought Controlled Computer Mouse
2010-05-12Camera Mouse: Control Your Mouse Pointer with Head Movements
2010-05-09Accounting Software for Vision Impaired, World First
2010-04-26Heal Your Body and Mind with Apple iPad App
2010-04-26FBN ITPro Wireless to Provide Free Nationwide Wireless Service
2010-04-16Kindle E-reader Motivates Less-enthusiastic Readers
2010-04-15Independent Learning in the Classroom with Read&Write GOLD Assistive Technology
2010-04-12Apple iPad Information Price and Accessibility Features
2010-03-10IBM to Collaborate With Universities to Make Mobile Devices More Accessible
2010-01-07The Tech-Aid Institute and People with Intellectual Disabilities
2009-12-12New Tool to Help Visually Impaired Perform Online Banking
2009-12-07Brain Waves "Write" to Computer
2009-11-12Universities Will Not Deploy Kindle DX as Textbook Reader - National Federation of the Blind
2009-10-08Sony VAIO X Series World's Lightest Notebook
2009-10-05Webwide Symbol-Supported Browser
2009-10-03vOICe Learning Edition Browser for the Blind
2009-10-02WebbIE - A Web Browser for Blind and Visually-Impaired People
2009-09-26SpeakOn - Audio and Text Media Screen Readers
2009-09-25Simply Talker 2000 Screen Reader for Windows
2009-09-25Homer - Voicing Web Browser for the Blind
2009-09-19The Kindle 2.0 Book Reader - Facts and Accessibility
2009-09-04Microsoft Windows Version 7 and Accessibility Factors
2009-08-31Removing Barriers of Autism Via Keyboard
2009-08-04Faster Computer Chips Using Graphene
2009-07-27Free Radmin for People with Physical Disabilities
2009-04-23ConfidentReader Review - NaturalSoft Products
2009-04-23NaturalSoft's NaturalReader Review
2009-02-22Ghotit Spell Checker for People with Dyslexia
2009-02-17Wheelchair Workstations for Computers and Work Areas
2009-02-17Computer Screen Magnifiers Suitable for Visually Impaired
2009-02-17Windows Vista Speech Recognition and Narrator
2009-02-17List of Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts for Computers
2009-02-17Using Stickykeys for Computer Accessibility - Windows and Mac
2009-02-12Windows Vista - Lowering Screen Resolution
2009-02-03Computerized Writing Aids Assist Persons with Aphasia

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