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Author: Accomplish Cashmanager
Published: 2010/05/09
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Synopsis: Accounting software able to be used efficiently by the blind and vision impaired.


The world's first accounting software able to be used efficiently by the blind and vision impaired is attracting increasing interest from blind organizations in Australia, the United States and other countries around the globe.

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Australasian software company, Accomplish Ltd, has recently released Version 15 of its popular CashManager accounting software, which has now been specifically adapted to meet the varying sales tax needs of businesses throughout all states of the USA.

In addition, the new software has other improvements which make it even easier for blind users to manage their business and financial accounts themselves, says Grant Hewson, general manager of Accomplish.

Originally founded in Australia some 20 years ago, Accomplish today is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and serves more than 25,000 small to medium business enterprises with accounting software designed specifically for New Zealand, Australian and United Kingdom needs, including the goods and service taxes and value added tax used in those countries.

"During the last year our development team has been working on ensuring CashManager can also handle the varying level and range of sales taxes that do apply in different states of the USA," Grant says. "Our new software achieves that goal."

From the outset, every version of CashManager has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so the software is easily used by lay people like small business owners with no accounting or IT expertise. Yet it is also powerful, robust software, packed with features which allow business owners instant access to financial reports on profit and cash flow, budget updates, and forward forecasts, which help them better manage their finances as well as help guide everyday business decisions. "It unlocks the power of accurate information, putting that readily at your fingertips," Grant explains.

"It's that ease of use and simplicity of operation which distinguishes our software from all the other accounting packages available today, which are generally much harder to learn and much more complicated to use. This simplicity in program design and operation is also why our software works well with adaptive technology (such as screen reading software) used by blind and vision impaired users."

In 2008 tests by the Royal New Zealand of the Foundation of the Blind endorsed the accessibility of CashManager for blind or partially sighted people. Now, Vision Australia has audited the software (see the audit here) with very positive results.

Accomplish has worked with blind organizations in the USA, UK, Australia and other countries, and held webinars and other discussion forums with blind users around the world, further refining its software to make use even easier for blind and disabled clients. "For instance, we now have accelerator or shortcut keys for every possible screen choice," Grant says. "This will improve productivity for people like blind users who often prefer to use the keyboard, rather than a mouse."

The release of the fully sales tax functional product for the USA market is something many people have been eagerly awaiting. Grant says "This is going to be a very exciting time for both us and for vision impaired people in the USA."

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