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Connect by BeWarned: Simple App Assists Deaf to Communicate

  • Published: 2017-02-16 (Revised/Updated 2018-04-10) : Author: Irina Maltseva, CMO of BeWarned : Contact:
  • Synopsis: BeWarned launches new free app for deaf and hard of hearing people allowing them to communicate with the hearing.

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"The app is absolutely free of charge, it's fast and reliable!"

A social startup BeWarned launched a new app for deaf and hard of hearing people allowing them to communicate with the hearing.

400 million of deaf people in the world experience problems in communication on everyday basis. They feel problems whenever they need to address a policeman or a dentist. They feel reluctant to ask questions to a retailer or a seller whenever they want to buy something.

Lack of communication results in the lack of participation and the lack of opportunities in the hearing society.

Vitaliy Potapchuk is hard of hearing since childhood. Because of that, it requires a lot of effort for him to drop a chat with, for example, a receptionist at a hotel. Whenever he needs to say something or to receive an answer on his question quickly, most often he cannot do so. He is one of those 400 million. That's why Vitaliy developed Connect by BeWarned in order to help deaf and hard of hearing individuals to communicate with the hearing whenever they need it.

Connect by BeWarned is an application that converts text to speech and the other way around.

Anyone can download it and use whenever they need it.

If you want to talk to a cab driver or a policeman they do not even need to have this program installed as long as you have it on your phone.

Moreover, you can also use textual templates or create your own for any everyday situation. The app is absolutely free of charge, it's fast and reliable!

This application is only the first step toward our global goal: to make our society more inclusive for deaf individuals. We want for the deaf to be able to feel comfortable at using all services the contemporary society has.

Meet the Founders of BeWarned

Bewarned Connect App - Different templates are available
About This Image: Bewarned Connect App - Different templates are available
Sergey Maliukov:

Sergey is CEO and a founder of BeWarned, a serial entrepreneur that founded three successful international IT-startups (StockLock, HealthLifeStore and BeWarned). A founder of "Kyiv Real Estate Newspaper" print and its online version, launched "Crimean Chebureki" fast food restaurant chain. Sergey is passionate about new technologies that improve people's lives. For the time being, he had to stop all his previous projects and get fully involved in the development of one project -- BeWarned, which is a single platform that unites deaf and hard of hearing people. In between working on project development, he plays the guitar and the piano, sings as well as Elvis Presley, and brings up his three-year-old daughter Polina.

Vitaliy Potapchuk:

Vitaliy is Co-Founder and a partner at BeWarned, a hard of hearing developer willing to change the lives of people like him. Vitaliy got his Master's degree in Computer Science at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute where he studied security agents in distributed systems. He developed software for the civil airway of Ukraine, created a SIMO application with augmented reality technology. He is passionate about everything that has to do with state-of-the-art technologies, and openly states that he is something of a geek. He is also interested in mechanic devices, crazy about riding his bike and snowboarding. On the weekends he plays court tennis.

Ivan Verenych:

Ivan is CTO and a Co-Founder at BeWarned. He obtained his Master's degree in programming and sound recognition. Before he started working at BeWarned, Ivan had already been a CTO for two other startups - Denteez and Sufi. He believes that his biggest accomplishments are the development of a horseracing automation system as well as conversion library ASPOSE. At BeWarned he is in charge of artificial intelligence development that will be able to help the deaf and hard of hearing recognize sounds. In his free time, Ivan as a typical programmer, likes to code for fun. He states that his work is his favorite hobby.

About BeWarned:

BeWarned is a startup which specializes in developing software and hardware for the deaf and hard of hearing. If you would like to get more information regarding BeWarned and its products go to

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