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Published: 2010/06/10 - Updated: 2013/06/04
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Synopsis: Features for the Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet based on heavy demand..


Global Demand for Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Powers Movement to Go Paperless.

Main Digest

Kent Displays announced today it is expanding global distribution and developing new product features for the Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet based on heavy demand. Kent Displays subsidiary Improv Electronics launched the Boogie Board tablet in the United States in January 2010. It is the first paperless writing tablet to utilize a pressure-sensitive, Reflex LCD from Kent Displays for its writing surface.

The Boogie Board tablet is the first of multiple ePaper products to be sold by Improv Electronics. Part of Kent Displays' Push Green initiative, the Boogie Board tablet is the revolutionary paperless device that provides a highly cost-effective vehicle to reduce everyday paper consumption in the home, office, and classroom. While most reduction strategies have focused on computer-related activities, an equally significant amount of memo pads, sticky notes and sketch books are used for writing messages, jotting down ideas, making reminders/lists, etc.

Schools are making the Boogie Board tablet a must have learning aid used in place of note pads, loose leaf paper and chalk, magnetic and dry erase boards for a wide variety of student activities such as handwriting/arithmetic practice, solving equations, and drawing pictures. The Boogie Board tablet's ease of use has also made it a favorite of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, including as a basic means of communication for those with limited speech and hearing. A pilot program allows schools to purchase up to 30 units at a significant discount. Discounts for larger education and institution-related purchases are also available.

Although the initial launch focused on the U.S., global demand for the tablet was immediate and has grown steadily. It has been featured by the Today Show, the Bonnie Hunt Show, What Now (New Zealand), Popular Science and hundreds of newspapers, magazines, web sites and blogs worldwide.

"The heavy demand created numerous out of stock situations for which we apologize," said Taesun Cha, VP, Global Operations. "To meet ongoing global demand, we dramatically increased production and created our own online store,, with low shipping rates to many international addresses." The Boogie Board tablet can also be purchased at,, Brookstone stores (U.S.), (China) and Ziho International (Korea). Other resellers and e-tailers will be added in coming months.

Based on market input, several new features will be added to the Boogie Board tablet beginning with a stylus holder and protective sleeve this summer. New standard colors, image save, and a larger size will be available in 6-12 months. Custom colors and graphics are available now for promotional product orders (minimum 100 units).

Founded in 1993, Kent Displays, Inc. is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of Reflex No Power LCDs for unique, sustainable applications including electronic skins, writing tablets, smartcards and eReaders. Boogie Board, Reflex and Push Green are trademarks of Kent Displays, Inc.

Update: 30 June 2011:

Kent Displays Obtains Funding to Finance Company Growth, Meet Consumer Demand

Kent Displays has obtained over $7 million in public and private funding to finance growth and meet increased global demand for its Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet and other products utilizing Reflex No Power LCDs. The Boogie Board tablet is sold by Improv Electronics, a Kent Displays subsidiary.

Funding sources include a $2 million Innovation Ohio loan, a term loan and a working line of credit. The Ohio Department of Development recently approved the $2 million Innovation Ohio loan that Kent Displays will use to purchase additional high-volume production equipment for its manufacturing facility in Kent. The equipment will increase capacity to enable the company to achieve over 100% revenue growth in 2012 for the third consecutive year and create 40 new full-time jobs mostly in manufacturing as well as sales and marketing.

"The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is the first product of its kind in the world," said Joel Domino, Kent Displays President and CFO. "It has created a new product segment - eWriters - that we expect will experience consumer acceptance and market growth similar to eReader products, another form of electronic paper. Both of these product segments offer significant advantages over their traditional paper counterparts in functionality and environmental-friendliness. Advanced materials like our Reflex LCDs have made these new product segments possible. This new funding will help us build on our leading position in the eWriter market as we expand our line of Boogie Board tablets and increase production capabilities. These products will further propel eWriters into the mainstream, decreasing the environmental impact of traditional paper use and helping us achieve our growth goals."

The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet, the company's first consumer product, was launched in January 2010. It was immediately met with great consumer demand and has experienced tremendous global sales success into 2011.

Improv Electronics recently launched two new Boogie Board tablet models and several new accessories. Another consumer electronic product featuring a Reflex LCD - the Skin Flik LCD Color Changing Case for iPod touch® 2G/3G devices - was also recently launched. A Boogie Board tablet with save capabilities will be launched later in 2011.

For more information about Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets and Skin Flik LCD Color Changing cases, go to

For more information about Kent Displays, go to or contact us at

Boogie Board, Reflex, Skin Flik and Push Green are trademarks of Kent Displays, Inc.

Editor DW - The tablet has received international acclaim

The 2010 global sales goal for the Boogie Board Tablet is now 250,000 units

Improv Electronics now sells multiple accessories for the Boogie Board tablet: a neoprene sleeve with sewn-in stylus holder ($9.95 USD) and a slide-on stylus holder and magnet pack ($2.48 USD). The slide-on stylus holder also functions as an erase button cover.

Updated FAQs include new information about battery replacement and life

Approved resellers have been added in the United States (Brookstone), Japan and Korea

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