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  • Published: 2016-02-25 (Revised/Updated 2018-03-15) : Press Release by Charmtech Labs LLC : Contact:
  • Synopsis:, an online version of Capti Narrator, empowers English language learners and students with reading disabilities to listen to everything they want to read.

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"Capti Narrator makes it easy for teachers to create Playlists with textual materials and share them with their students, who can listen to their reading assignments on any of their devices."

Charmtech Labs LLC launches a free web service that can be used by English language learners, students with dyslexia and vision loss, as well as their instructors to make any reading materials "come alive" right in their web browsers.

30% of students in the U.S. (10% ESL and 20% dyslexic) are struggling with reading. Charmtech Labs LLC launches the web service, an online version of Capti Narrator - the productivity and education app that empowers English language learners and students with reading disabilities to listen to everything they want to read.

Specifically, visitors in most web browsers (except Firefox and IE) can add any digital texts to their Playlists, and have Capti narrate them with high quality text-to-speech voices.

Playlists synchronizes with Capti app for iPhone and iPad, enabling one to keep listening on the go.

The app and the web service are available to individuals for free with optional paid premium features. Capti is offered to organizations with a low-cost subscription plan.

Capti Narrator makes it easy for teachers to create Playlists with textual materials and share them with their students, who can listen to their reading assignments on any of their devices.

Capti supports many popular file formats such as EPUB, PDF, and DOC that can be added to the Playlist from numerous sources, including the local computer, other iOS apps, Cloud storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive; read-it-later lists: Instapaper and Pocket; and book libraries such as Bookshare (350K titles restricted to people with disabilities).

While Capti Narrator can be a useful productivity tool for any students, it is indispensable for students with vision loss and dyslexia. Capti provides the functionality that empowers such students to read and listen to all their reading materials. In the According to the American Foundation for the Blind, there 0.5M children affected by vision loss in the U.S. alone.

According to Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, dyslexia affects up to 20% of population. Dyslexia is a reading disorder that causes difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence. A number of famous people such as Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, John Lennon, and Henry Ford had dyslexia.

Capti Narrator is also a great resource for English language learners (ELL), who now represent around 10% of all public school students in the U.S., according to the National Center for Education and Statistics. With Capti, ELL learners can simultaneously acquire reading and listening skills, look up word translation and play the Word Challenge game.

Capti is being adopted by schools worldwide.

"Having that Playlist is huge; you can easily put content into the Playlist to read and listen as you go," says Robert Hagan, the Director of Learning Technology and Instruction at the East Hampton School District in New York. "Capti Narrator can help students with disabilities, ESL population, and overall the general population."

"We are on a mission to make people more productive and empower them to listen to everything they need to read." said Dr. Yevgen Borodin, CEO of Charmtech Labs LLC. "This revolutionary productivity tool will save time for students and educators by allowing them to add their reading materials to their Playlists and then listen to them in class or on the go."

As a valuable universally accessible technology, Capti was distinguished with several prestigious awards, including the FCC Chairman’s Award for Advancing Accessibility. For his work on Capti, Charmtech’s CEO was named a 2015 MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35.

Video Clip: School Interviews about Capti Narrator

Capti Narrator is designed to read your webpages, documents, and un-protected ebooks from browsers, Dropbox, Google Drive or Clipboard with naturally-sounding text-to-speach voices. So you can listen to everything you want to read.

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