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Essential Accessibility: Tools for Website Accessibility

  • Published: 2012-06-17 (Revised/Updated 2018-01-15) : Wendy Taormina-Weiss (Disabled World).
  • Synopsis: Essential Accessibility is a creative and innovative means of providing people with disabilities with the tools they require to connect through the Internet.

Main Document

Visitors can now download Essential Accessibility assistive technology, no modification of the website is required, there is no need for IT maintenance, there is no system integration, and there are no security issues that need managing. All of the functionality is client-based and updates are hosted on the servers at Essential Accessibility. Leading organizations that value diversity view inclusiveness as a key strategic advantage, and Essential Accessibility has the ability to give organizations additional strengths in this regard.

Essential Accessibility, Empowering the Disability Community

Organizations that are purpose-driven are aware that building websites with the highest accessibility standards, to include offering assistive technology, are vital to connecting with more customers, people, stakeholders, and partners. Displaying the interactive Essential Accessibility icon on a website informs visitors that you have included people with disabilities in your planning, and that they have access to a suite of tools that can help them to navigate your site and the Web. Essential Accessibility offers assistive technology that is suitable for people who experience reading difficulties or dexterity challenges related to a number of conditions. These conditions may include the following:

The features available through Essential Accessibility include an array of mouse and keyboard replacement solutions, also referred to as, 'alternative input methods,' that can help people to overcome physical limitations and access your website and the Web. These features include the following:

Essential Accessibility also includes a page reading system for people who have difficulties with reading. The feature can be set to read the titles of frames or the content of frames, the content of any web page, or the links of any open web page out loud. It is also fully-compatible with Microsoft Speech Recognition 6.1 or greater. Essential Accessibility has a fully customizable toolbar, features multi-language and multi-user capability, is fully-compatible with SAPI 4 and 5 and has a Live-Update system.

Essential Accessibility System Requirements

People can install Essential Accessibility on any computer running Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Media Center 2005, Vista or later with the following minimum hardware requirements:

The Disability Community Involvement Initiative

The Disability Community Involvement Initiative is something that is designed to put people with disabilities in control. In a number of places around the world buildings, phone systems, and public transportation systems all take the world's largest minority population into consideration; yet similar considerations are still beginning to take place in other aspects of society.

When you join the global Disability Community Involvement Initiative, you can have a positive impact on a variety of audiences such as customers, employees, advocacy groups, as well as people who experience forms of disabilities. Through Essential Accessibility, organizations of all kinds have the ability to represent their brands in a meaningful way in the disability community. When you join the global Disability Community Involvement Initiative, you positively impact many audiences, employees, customers and other stakeholders, reinforcing your connection with advocacy groups and people touched by disability everywhere.

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