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Grizpaw One Handed Games Controller (Left or Right)

  • Publish Date : 2015/06/16 - (Rev. 2018/02/25)
  • Author : Disabled World
  • Contact : disabled-world.com

Synopsis: The GrizTech Grizpaw is THE left or right handed games controller of choice for people with injuries to one hand or arm.

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With 14 keys and 2 thumb joysticks at your lightning fast fingers you will be unbeatable. The more you use the GrizTech Grizpaw the faster you will be. The Grizpaw has the same action as flying fingers playing a piano versus playing with 2 hands and 2 fingers.

A game controller is defined as a device used with games or entertainment systems to provide input to a video game, typically to control an object or character in the game. A controller is usually connected to a game console or computer by means of a wire or cord, although, since the mid-2000s, wireless controllers have become widespread. Input devices that have been classified as game controllers include keyboards, mice, game-pads, joysticks, etc. Special purpose devices, such as steering wheels for driving games and light guns for shooting games, are also game controllers.

GRIZTech Games Controller Provides New Experience in Gaming

The Grizpaw games controller is a desirable option for anyone with hand or arm disabilities where they have limited use of a left or right hand. The GRIZTech GrizPaw is a one handed controller so, eat, drink and be merry when playing your favorite game. Your three dimensional world is now at your finger tips. GRIZTech's ergonomic design gives you a physical advantage to play faster, longer and helps you get better scores.

The GRIZTech GrizPaw model supports the PC (USB) (PS1 / PS2) / PS3 plug and play compatible.

The GrizPaw also support XBOX Original / XBOX 360 and Wii with 3rd PS2 adapters and support XBOX ONE and PS4 with USB adapters which could be considered 3 separate SKU's.

If you like motor cross games the feedback motors feels like you have your hand on the real bikes throttle, rev it up and feel your bikes power in your hands.

I love the controller! For me it's a Godsend. I truly appreciate how you sent it to me so quickly. The only thing that I'm still trying to master are the black buttons that replace the joysticks. It's a feel thing, but sometimes I'll tend to lose where I'm at. I find it comparable to finding just that right feel when shooting free throws, or chipping around the green. Having both XBOX and PS3 symbols on the buttons is very helpful. For example I have a PS3 and when I play The Golf Club on my PC the game prompts the player with XBOX symbols. You've made that translation from one to the other a simple thing. Two years ago I bought a one handed controller on Ebay from Great Britain. It had the buttons, but it had two actual joysticks and two sets of directional pads. I like the functioning of the Grizpaw a lot more - GARY

Fastest Game Controller in the World

  • 10 times faster than a joystick.
  • 5 times faster than a games controller.
  • 2 times faster than a standard keyboard & mouse (Results may vary depending on the game).

GrizPaw Features

  • Reduces 3d motion sickness.
  • 1.8 meter (approx. 5 foot) cable.
  • Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Speed
  • Left or Right-handed Controller with Soft Touch keys.
  • Reduces injuries from RSI and joint repetitive motion.
  • Reduces Carpal Tunnel or other games controller injuries.
  • Supports XBOX 360 and XBOX original & Wii with PS2 adapters.
  • For the PC it is Plug & Play for Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7.
  • 4 in 1 controller and supports the PC (USB) (PS1 / PS2) / PS3 plug and play compatible.
  • GrizPaw Size approximately 14cm (5.5") wide (7.4") X 19cm long X 3cm (1.5") height Vs.Normal controller size: 6.5 inches width x 8 inches length x 3.5 inches height.

For further information and/or to order the GrizPaw visit www.griztech.com

Pictures of the GrizPaw Game Controller

Grizpaw one hand game controller
Grizpaw one hand game controller

Grizpaw in box
Grizpaw in box


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