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infovox3 Portable Talking Companion for Visually Impaired Users

  • Published: 2010-10-27 (Revised/Updated 2014-01-01) : Acapela Group.
  • Synopsis: Accessibility provided by Infovox Desktop and Infovox InKey have been combined and improved to create a single powerful solution called infovox3.

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Quote: "infovox3 offers a portfolio of 24 languages and 50 voices, including new voices..."

infovox3: All-in-one Local & Portable Talking Companion for Visually Impaired Users.

Acapela Group, the leading expert in voice solutions, has taken a significant step forward in the bespoke solutions it offers to visually impaired people. The functions and ease of accessibility provided by Infovox Desktop and Infovox InKey have been combined and improved to create a single powerful solution called infovox3.

infovox3 is an innovative yet simple and all-in-one product for seamless access to written information, no matter where the user is;, at home, in the office or on the move using different computers. infovox3, using Acapela speech synthesis, speech empowers any PC with pleasant voices, transforming any written text into speech in real time.

infovox3 expands the benefits of the well known Infovox products, which have been appreciated and enthusiastically adopted by the market and the user community for 20 years, into a product including both a portable USB solution and 3 local installations, which follow users as they work on different PCs.

Instantaneous access to any PC directly from the USB with no need for installation or admin rights.

The end user can choose up to 5 voices from a wide repertoire - with different genders and voice personas - and in a rich portfolio of languages, so that users feel fully comfortable with the voices that become their daily companion. The choice between languages provides access to information in foreign languages as well as language learning.

infovox3 offers a portfolio of 24 languages and 50 voices, including new voices, such as Tracy (US), Antoine (French), Rasmus (Danish), Leila (Arabic), Laia (Catalan), Samuel (Finland Swedish) and Antonio (Spanish).

The new Pronunciation Editor tool allows easy management of lexicons, to fine tune and customize the way names and exceptions are pronounced. The Speech Creator tool enables easy creation of MP3 files for personal use, from any text file. 2 screen readers - infovox Reader and NVDA - help the user when no screen reader is pre-installed.

infovox3 fully supports both 32 and 64 bit OS and screen readers.

For more information on infovox3:

For a cheerful talking presentation, performed by Acapela voices, visit

About Acapela Group Acapela Group, the leading voice expert, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 30 languages. Our speech solutions allow you to turn any written text into natural speech files, using any of our 50 High Quality standard voices or your own synthesized voice talent. Acapela can answer all text to speech needs and provide perfect vocalization whether for voice integration and development, online & on demand use, audio files production, or ready to speak products for personal accessibility use.

Check out - the sparkling laboratory of Acapela Group, to develop talkative apps and, the acapela on-line service for smart vocalization

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