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IVONA Text-To-Speech - Lifelike Text-to-Speech

  • Published: 2010-09-09 : Author: IVONA Text-To-Speech
  • Synopsis: IVONA human equality voices for e-books navigation devices and telephony systems in America.

IVONAText-to-Speech (TTS), creator and winner of multiple awards for most human-sounding synthetic voices and speech output products, is proud to announce the appointment of Craig Campbell as Director of Business Development in the Americas.

Mr. Campbell, a recognized speech evangelist with 10-years experience, will lead IVONA's entry into the US marketplace where he will oversee partnerships and sales activities. A recognized thought leader in multi-modal communications, Mr. Campbell has presented at numerous trade shows including SpeechTek, VON, AVIOS, and GDC.

IVONA's mission is to deliver the most natural-sounding TTS system in the world. IVONA's 10 years of innovation in speech sciences, artificial intelligence, and award-winning proprietary speech technology, has resulted in speech synthesis solutions able to articulate words, sentences, paragraphs, or even whole stories and books exactly like human voice-talent, preserving the full expressiveness and individuality of the natural voice.

Headquartered near Gdansk, a vanguard region dating from Copernicus through the Solidarity movement, IVONA pioneered TTS voices for persons with vision and reading disabilities starting in 2001. Today, IVONA serves dozens of markets with a suite of 5 core speech products including: Telecom voices, HD voices for embedded devices, SaaS voice services, consumer desktop voices, and an automated "recording studio" to generate static prompts and voice-overs.

"We're very excited to bring IVONA's human equality voices to fast-growing US markets such as e-books, navigation devices, and telephony systems," said CEO Lukasz Osowski. "Quality is the number one purchasing factor, whether we're talking to consumers or product managers. Everyone wants a voice that sounds natural and lifelike and uses inflection," added Osowski.

All IVONA's products are feature-rich and designed for usability. Intuitive tools such as the visual pronunciation editor go beyond industry norms by allowing multiple voice profiles, so text books can be read differently than text messages, for example.

Craig Campbell explained: "I think the US market is going to be very surprised by IVONA. The company's relentless pursuit of quality is evident from the first voiced words, to advanced engineering details like IVONA Telecom's built-in load balancer, and the ability of the Embedded TTS engine to capture IVONA's signature lifelike sound."

IVONA Text-to-Speech, Quality You Can Hear. Evaluate online at

About IVONA - IVONA is widely recognized and awarded as the highest-quality, most natural-sounding TTS system in the world. The IVONA suite of products includes a wide range of specialty TTS solutions for business, telecommunications, SaaS, mobile, and home use. Among its most notable innovations, IVONA developed a Rapid Voice Development technology which is able to generate custom branded voices for use in IVONA TTS in under 60 days. In support of its long-standing commitment to accessibility, the Company works closely with RNIB and DAISY, the largest organizations supporting blind and visually impaired people in the world.

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