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NaturalSoft's NaturalReader Review

  • Published: 2009-04-23 (Rev. 2014-02-12) - Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: A review of NaturalSofts NaturalReader and ConfidentReader software packages for persons with disabilities.

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"The Free version of NaturalReader Version 7.0 comes with some different features standard!"

NaturalSoft Products - NaturalReader - A Disability-Friendly Software Review.

There are a number of software packages available to persons with disabilities that can assist in the use of computer technology. As I wandered around the Internet in search of different software, I found some items that were both useful and interesting. NaturalSoft presents software items that can assist people with disabilities to both use and enjoy their computers on a daily basis while being more productive in what they do.

NaturalReader - Free Edition

NaturalReader is a text-to-speech software item that comes with the ability to use a number of different and natural sounding voices. The free edition has one voice that thankfully doesn't sound like the old HAL 9000, but is somewhat mechanistic in it's presentation. The software itself is very easy to use and can convert written text from Microsoft Word, Webpage, text from PDF files, as well as from E-Mail messages into spoken words. NaturalReader also has the capability to convert written text into sound files in formats such as MP3 or WAV files that can be used on a compact disk player or an iPod.

NaturalReader helps to improve the quality of people's lives in various ways by presenting some important advantages. The free version truly is free to download and use, and you can redistribute it to your friends as well. If you work for an organization, or want a version with greater capabilities, there are commercial version available too. Some of the advantages of using this software include:

  • Assists Persons with disabilities who may be vision impaired by reading text
  • Saves eye strain - relax, sit back and listen
  • Saves time - listen while driving, exercising or enjoying nature
  • Helps writers - improve by listening to your work
  • Teaches second language students by expanding their experience and understanding through listening to any text at any speed

The Free version of NaturalReader Version 7.0 comes with some different features standard! These features make using the software something very worth considering. For organizations, the availability of a free version makes deciding to pursue additional versions that are available easier because the free version is available for review.

The features that come with the free version include:

  • Microsoft Voice included
  • All functions to read aloud any text in your computer
  • Change speed and speaker
  • Miniboard to read any text in other applications

NaturalReader Version 7.0 is easy to use, it has, 'One-Click,' technology, and there is no hassle involving the copying and pasting of text that some other forms of text-to-speech software requires. All you have to do with NaturalReader is select the text you want to hear and press a single hot key.

The MiniBoard gives you the option to listen to text without disturbing your ability to read on the computer screen itself, should you choose; you can also easily switch between the floating MiniBoard and your main window. People who do not have a lot of computer knowledge can use this MiniBoard because the interface is intuitive. NaturalReader has the capabilities to adjust both the voices that are used and the speed at which text is read; these setting can be adjusted through either the settings or through use of hot keys. The software even has the capability to magnify text through a zooming feature, making the software further accessible to persons with disabilities, seniors, and others. Natural Reader also provides the capability to change the font text is presented in.

NaturalReader is software that can be used with a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems, to include Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Windows Vista. Version 7.0 also supports Microsoft Office 2007 applications! You will also need:

  • Processor: 500Mhz
  • Memory: 64 MB (128 recommended)
  • Free Disk Space: 50MB (Natural Voices may require 600MB free space)

To learn more about NaturalReader and the company that produces it you can visit the following link -

The folks at NaturalSoft also have another product I would like to tell you about called ConfidentReader.


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