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Panopreter Plus Text to Speech Software

  • Date: 2010/09/08 (Rev. 2013/06/04)
  • Panopreter.com
  • Synopsis : Text to speech software Panopreter Plus makes your PC speak and converts text to mp3.

Main Document

Text to speech software Panopreter Plus makes your PC speak and converts text to mp3.

Panopreter.com released text to speech software Panopreter Plus which reads aloud text and converts text to mp3 and wave audio files.

Panopreter.com, the innovative software provider has released Panopreter Plus 3.3.1, the powerful and versatile text-to-speech software for Windows users. It's popular with business people, educators, writers, students, language learners and those with visual or vocal impairment, or learning disabilities.

As an easy-to-use and powerful text to speech software program, Panopreter Plus enables people to output their text material into natural-sounding spoken speech flexibly, makes documents, articles, books and web sites audible.

The software reads aloud text with natural voices, and converts the text into wave and mp3 audio files, so user can listen to the speech by ear on a PC, or export the audio files to a portable devices such as iPod, smart phone or any other portable mp3 players for listening whenever and wherever they want.

Panopreter Plus also makes surfing the web an enjoyable listening experience by including Panopreter toolbar for Internet Explorer which reads out web page and converts the text on the web page to wave or mp3 audio file.

The main features of Panopreter Plus include:

  • Text font size is adjustable.
  • Customized volume and rate
  • User friendly interface and simple to use
  • Support a variety of languages and voices.
  • Highlight the word or sentence being read.
  • The window is sizable to fit any screen resolution.
  • Read aloud text file, rft file, pdf file, MS word document and web page.
  • Support every major windows platform, including Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • Create audio files in wave (.wav) and mp3 format, batch files conversion supported.
  • Include Panopreter toolbar for Internet Explorer which reads out the text on the web page and converts the text to audio files.
  • Read aloud characters, words, phrases, paragraphs or even longer text you have inputted in the window and convert them to audio files.

Although Panopreter Plus has many advanced features, it's extremely easy to use and user friendly, all the functionalities are available with just a few mouse button clicks. It is absolutely a convenient, effective and inexpensive solution for people to process their daily digital information.

Panopreter.com is dedicated to innovating and delivering outstanding speech solutions for business and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications, and services bring users more convenience by transforming the way people interact with daily information.

Panopreter Plus v.3.31 costs $29.95(US) and registered user can update to future version for free and get free support. You can test Panopreter Plus for free for 30 days. More information can be found online at www.panopreter.com

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