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  • Published: 2013-06-10 (Revised/Updated 2014-03-08) : Author:
  • Synopsis: HandsFree News Rss Reader is a fully managed voice control RSS Reader app for Android allowing you to listen to news and RSS feeds using only voice commands.

HandsFree News Rss Reader is a fully managed voice control RSS Reader app for Android allowing you to listen to news and RSS feeds using only voice commands.

The principal challenge set by our programmers at the beginning of application development was facilitation in receiving fresh news by people with eye sight problems or other disabilities caused by various congenital or acquired diseases. This application will definitely have success among drivers since voice control makes it possible not to get distracted from driving and not to disperse one's attention for software management.

Our team considers that innovations cost nothing if they fail to facilitate the life of at least one person. We faced a lot of issues to settle in the course of the application development and the most challenging of them was the creation of operable algorithm for speech recognition, etc. All further projects developed by us are committed to help people in such important spheres as medicine and safety.

RSS Reader has long been an integral part of our lives and at times facilitated us to receive the news from the boundless expanse of the web. But any innovation diminishes progressively - the same principle of operation, plus some extra functions as an improved interface design, or the opportunities to distribute favorite news through social networks.

Our new product is called "Hands-Free News Rss Reader "; it is the World's first RSS Reader fully sharpened for voice control. The only time the user needs to touch the phone screen by finger is when you decide to run the application. The reader is fully managed by the voice. Such options as: choosing RSS feeds, moving to the favorite news portals, news selection, and just moving through that list of news and, of course, the news being played back by a pleasant female voice (the voice can be chosen for by downloading any speech synthesizer which you like) available at this stage, I would like once again to note, you are doing all of that by voice, while not distracting from cooking dinner, driving or jogging on park paths. At the output, we get a complete "hands free" function.

RSS Reader has nothing superfluous in the design and functional; our motto is "No nonsense, just voice control." To use further, you will quickly realize that you do not need a switched display, because the reader voices the headlines of news feeds and news, and asks for further action. To a certain extent, the illusion of communicating with artificial intelligence is created, and as a conclusion, if you have nothing to click on the screen or read, since all will have been told with a voice command, then the need in the on-screen disappears that has a positive effect on the battery charge.

To view the application, its free version is available with the pre-installed RSS feeds without any possible change. ture=search_result&hl=en

In the future a Reader will receive a number of improvements and patches. We will make it universal and looking forward to your feedback and wishes!

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