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Computer Screen Magnifiers

  • Published: 2009-02-17 (Rev. 2011-12-02) - Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Reviews of screen magnifiers software that interfaces with a computers graphical output to present enlarged monitor screen content.


Screen Magnifier - Software that interfaces with a computer's graphical output to present enlarged screen content. It is a type of assistive technology suitable for visually impaired people with some functional vision; visually impaired people with little or no functional vision usually use a screen reader.

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A screen magnifier is software that interfaces with a computer's graphical output to present enlarged screen content.

It is a type of assistive technology suitable for visually impaired people with some functional vision.

Ranges of 1- to 16 times magnification are common with screen magnifiers.

The greater the magnification the smaller the proportion of the original screen content that can be viewed, so users will tend to use the lowest magnification they can manage.

Screen magnifiers are very useful for people with eyesight problems such as macula degeneration or loss of acuteness.

Our Choice - Magnifying Glass Pro

Magnifying Glass Pro is a very well presented package and achieves with ease what many other similar products fail to do. Well worth the small price asked for such an excellent product. (Disabled World is not affiliated with this product)

Specifications include:

Modification of an onscreen image in real time (e.g., adjust contrast, add special effects, smoothing, and so on).

Adjust the screen position of the magnifying Glass (e.g., a fixed position, under the cursor, angular, and so on).

Save multiple set of viewing preferences as individual Profiles, then switch between those Profiles instantly (e.g., you can have one Profile for viewing text and another for working with graphic images).

Show/hide the Magnifying Glass simply by shaking the mouse cursor from side to side. This is much easier than using the keyboard shortcut when your hand is already on the mouse.

Command Mode, which enables you to quickly change/apply Magnifying Glass options (e.g., Glass size and position, transparency, contrast, effects, and so on).

The Auto-switcher, which enables you to associate individual applications, windows, and screen elements with specific user-defined Profiles (group of Glass settings). As the "target" changes (e.g., you switch applications) the Auto-switcher applies the appropriate Glass settings automatically, based on the defined Profile association, with no interruption to your productivity.

No restrictions on how you can use Magnifying Glass Pro. You control the size and position of the Glass - it can occupy the entire screen, or a smaller, user-defined area. It can even extend beyond the edges of your screen to move to a second monitor. You can quickly and easily apply a myriad of effects to enhance your viewing experience and solve the sophisticated needs of any text or graphics-based project. More info

SeeIt Magnifier:

Seeit is a new magnifier for the pc and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. You can magnify anything on your screen by up to 32x, whether it be the whole screen or just an area of your choice.

You can zoom in for easier viewing of videos, E-mails or anyone of your favorite programs. It is controlled by an easy to use control panel which enables you to magnify by strip or lens anything on your screen. Enabling you to set a resolution that fits your needs.

Compared to other similar products it comes at a reasonable price.

Zoomtext v9.1:

Zoomtext v9.1 does not only zoom and enhance all that is on your screen, it can make you hear everything you are doing in all of your applications. It will read for you your documents, E-mails and web pages so that you do not have to force your eyes to do it yourself. Zoomtext will provide a high definition image of text at any magnification level making it easier then ever to recognize what you are reading. It also comes with built in productivity tools that will make everything quick and easy to find. All of this can also support dual monitors to further expand your view with two computer screens. You can use the second screen to share a magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop.

Special features include:

Just plug in the ZoomText USB drive and ZoomText automatically starts up. If ZoomText is not installed, the friendly setup program is launched and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Zoomtext is compatible with Windows XP - 2000 and Vista.

BigShot Screen magnifier:

An inexpensive magnification program made to decrease eyestrain and reduce risks of headaches or eye irritations after long hours of work on computers. Bigshot magnifies with 20 different levels of magnification, from 100 to 200 percent.

Features include

Supernova Reader - Magnifier:

Supernova offers magnification, speech and Braille support, giving people with visual impairment the freedom to access Windows in the way that suits them best. It is portable and can be used on any computer through a USB port, for low vision to blind computer users from around the world. You can now walk up to any computer and have the software installed in minutes already configured just the way you like it.


Lunar Screen Magnifier:

Lunar Screen Magnifier works with Windows and Windows applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet and email. It allows you to continue working with the computer in exactly the same way and is therefore highly practical for both office and home situations. Lunar Screen Magnifier's advanced technology means that even on high magnification, text and images remain smooth, clear and easily readable. Further clarification of activity on-screen is available thanks to strong, high contrast colors. Simply choose what works best for you.

Features Include

The Magnifier:

This software is capable of zooming 2x by 10x it may be positioned anywhere on the screen and re-sized to your preference. This is the affordable, full screen magnifier.


Windows Vista Magnifier:

Windows Vista has a built in magnifier that can be accessed by following the steps shown in the screen shot below.

Windows Vista Magnifier.

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