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Vocally Voice Activated Phone Dialer Review

  • Published: 2013-08-03 (Revised/Updated 2017-11-28) : Author: Disabled World : Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: A review of Vocally3 Infinity a device added to your phone line for dialing stored and new phone numbers using voice command only.

Please Note: Disabled World received a free sample of this product in return for providing an honest and unbiased review. Disabled World received no other compensation.

ActiVocal is a leading, innovative ground-breaker in the forefront of the development of everyday, voice-activated electronic devices and is proud to announce the purchase of best seller Vocally, Voice Activated Phone Dialer owned by G.G. Electronics.

ActiVocal products are all plug and play, requiring no changes to existing home systems, and are easy and simple to operate by anyone.

The current products and the ones that are in development are designed especially for the Assistive Technologies market and provide a life-changing experience for the elderly, disabled, visually impaired and blind. Since 2003, the company has sold tens of thousands of units in Europe and the United States.

Voice recognition technologies are currently considered to be at the forefront of technology in many areas.

The potential inherent in voice recognition technologies is going to revolutionize quality of life. The fact that, today, one can start operating products in the homesat home simply by talking to them is a significant improvement in convenience, and overcomes the many problems created by an environment cluttered with buttons, switches, numbers, devices and components, all of which could soon become a thing of the past.

Picture of the Vocally3 unit.About This Image: Picture of the Vocally3 unit.ActiVocal's products are based on groundbreaking technology introduced by Sensory Inc., the world leader in voice recognition for machines. The Vocally line of products, like all other ActiVocal products, are known for their reliability - even after intensive use over many years. The technological development takes place in the company's development labs. All of the company's products meet all standards, including those required by the FCC and SAFETY.

ActiVocal future products include:

Below we take a look of the Vocally3 Infinity, for dialing stored and new phone numbers using voice command only:

Picture and dimensions of the Vocally3 packaging.About This Image: Picture and dimensions of the Vocally3 packaging.

Vocally, is a small box who turns every regular phone into a voice activated phone. It's innovative, user-friendly product with the highest quality voice recognition technology currently available in the world.

Accessories included with the Vocally2 voice activated phone dialerAbout This Image: Accessories included with the Vocally2 voice activated phone dialer

The shipped package includes Vocally3 voice dialer, a power supply unit, an RJ cable and a user manual.

Setting Up Your Vocally3 Voice Activated Phone is Easy:

1. Disconnect your phone cable from the wall jack and connect it to Vocally's phone marked jack.

2. Use the supplied RJ11 cable and connect one end to the wall jack and the other to Vocally's Line marked jack.

3. Use the supplied power supply and connect it to the mains outlet and to Vocally's Power marked jack.

4. Pick up the handset and, at the prompt, say the name you wish to dial and Vocally will now dial it for you!

All in all we found this product performed exactly as stated, and was a breeze to setup and use.

For further information visit:

Please Note: Disabled World received a free sample of this product in return for providing an honest and unbiased review. Disabled World received no other compensation.

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