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Webwide Symbol-Supported Browser

Author: Disabled World

Published: 2009-10-05 : (Rev. 2010-07-12)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Webwide is a browser that makes browsing the web more accessible by simplifying the layout through symbols.

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Webwide is a browser that makes browsing the web more accessible by simplifying the layout through symbols while providing full speech support in any view.

Webwide is a subscription service that provides users with a flexible means of accessing information that is available online. The software is innovative in that it is the only product of its kind in the entire world. Webwide assists people who use it to access text in standard English on web pages by simplifying the layout through the use of symbols.

When a person changes into symbol view, text is automatically supported through symbols. The person using Webwide can choose between colored and black and white Widgit Literacy symbols, previously referred to as, 'Widgit Rebus.' Widgit Literacy symbols currently possess a vocabulary in excess of twenty-nine thousand words.

Using Webwide, you have the ability to save your favorites through a readily-available access manager. You may add either an icon or a graphic that reminds you of what the site you are visiting is about. Another feature that is available to you is a web portal which has links to sites that work well in symbols.

You can save your favorites through an easy to access manager. You can add an icon or graphic to remind you what the site is about. There is also a web portal that has links to sites that work well in symbols. The symbols themselves are accessed over the Internet, not from your computer. The repository of both the symbols and the vocabulary are constantly being updated. Due to the fact that Webwide is a subscription service, the symbols themselves are not something that the individual user has to install on their computer. What this means is that they will have access to a consistently updated library of new symbols and extended vocabulary instantly. Each time the person launches the program, new updates are installed; they never need to be concerned with upgrading in order to receive new features.

Webwide Usage Requirements

To use Webwide, a person needs Internet access and a Webwide subscription. Through the Webwide subscription they will receive a small program to install on their computer, as well as a user name and a personalized password. Once you have a subscription to Webwide, you can install the software onto any computer you would like to access using your Webwide service. You can log on to a machine that has the software and browse the Internet in Webwide.

Webwide software can be installed on computers in schools, homes, or other places to that the Internet can be browsed from various locations at different times. Every account holder has a unique username and password; their preferred settings are saved on the Webwide server. What this means is that their settings are accessible from any computer with Webwide installed. Organizations that have a number of user accounts can re-allocate them as they wish.

Webwide converts a web page into a single column of information, beginning at the top-left of the page, simplifying layouts and menus. While the Widgit Literacy symbol vocabulary is currently in excess of twenty-nine thousand words, it may not cover everything. The goal of the creators of Webwide is to provide as wide a vocabulary as possible in order to meet the needs of users with text difficulties. Despite the best efforts that can be made, there will always remain some words that cannot be symbolized. Examples might include either proper names or jargon. Using a combination of symbols, pictures and speech output, accessing information using Webwide is easier.

Not every website is written in a way that Webwide is able to interpret, although the majority of websites are. Main features that are not compatible at this time include sites that are written in Flash or using certain types of Javascript. Webwide interprets HTML and some layouts and styles are more effective than others. The creators of Webwide are working on producing guidelines for web designers who desire to make their sites accessible through Webwide.

Getting the Webwide Software

Organizations that are interested in a trial of Webwide can email with their name, address, telephone number, email address and the name of their organization, school or affiliation. Webwide will set them up with a thirty-day trial period of Webwide, as well as an email concerning how and when to activate their trial period.

People who want the latest version of Webwide can download and install it on as many computers as they want. Once the program is installed, they can log into their account from any one of the computers Webwide is installed on. The annual subscription rate for a single account is 29.00 pounds for the first year, and 20.00 pounds per year thereafter. The recommended operating systems for running Webwide include Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Windows Vista -

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