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Man Born with a Disability Invents Doorstop for Commercial Use

  • Date: 2012/04/20
  • Tony Pankey - Duff's Doorstopper LLC
  • Synopsis : Duffs Doorstopper is a doorstop with a handle which benefits cleaning personnel due to less stress on back knees and legs.

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In 2003 Robert Duff patented the Duff's Doorstopper, the first doorstop in the world with a handle. Managers at hospitals, universities and hotels all appreciate the ergonomic benefits, because propping open doors without bending over benefits cleaning personnel it means less stress on back, knees, and legs.

In 1993 Robert Duff purchased a commercial building cleaning franchise. He came up with the ideal of the Duff's Doorstopper while cleaning an office building. Robert was born with cerebral palsy. As a child he had to suffer through multiple painful operations to get him where he is today with only partial use of his left arm and hand. Once while carrying cleaning equipment through an automatic closing door. He damaged the finish of an expensive office door. The owner made him pay the repair, which cost several hundred dollars. It wasn't long after that, he invented the Duff's Doorstopper. And coined the company's motto "Save a Back Save a Door"

While cleaning a senior citizen multi-residence building, some of the residents notice Robert using the duff's doorstopper. They asked him what it was and if he could show them how it worked. Must of the doors in the building were automatic closer and many of the residents used walkers, cranes or mobility scooters to get around. So right away they recognized the benefit of having a doorstopper they could use without bending over. Demand for the Duff's Doorstopper got so big, Robert was spending more time answering questions and selling doorstoppers then cleaning. Building management had to get involve.

The residents were asked to place their orders with management. On a weekly bases Robert would fill the order and collect the money. It wasn't long before more than half the residents in the building had purchased one. This is a quote from Betty a resident in the building who owns a duffs doorstopper. She uses a walker. "Without my Duff's Doorstopper I have a hard time getting in and out of my front door"

Duff's Doorstopper LLC has been in business since 2007. They invented and patented an assortment of sturdy high quality doorstoppers with handles. The bases can be used from either end. They work great for commercial cleaning personnel and the physically disable. Special holders were also made for the doorstopper to be attached to any cleaning cart or floor-cleaning machine.

Distributors interested in representing Duff's Doorstoppers quality line of products are encouraged to send inquires to info@duffsdoorstopper.com | www.duffsdoorstopper.com

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