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Assistive Hearing and Listening Devices Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Assistive Hearing Devices category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-12-08FDA Announces Steps to Improve Hearing Aid Accessibility
2016-05-24Audio Fox Hearing Loss Wireless TV Speaker System
2016-04-03Mimi Music iOS App From Mimi Hearing Technology
2016-02-26Cochlear Implants: Making Music Sound Better
2016-02-07Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids
2015-12-21FCC: Hearing Aid Compatibility for Wireless Voice Technology
2015-01-07Smart Hearing Aids from Siemens Use easyTek App Control
2014-11-17TV Speaker System for People with Hearing Disabilities
2014-11-08NewEAR Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids in Restoring Full Range Sound
2014-10-28Listening to Music with a Hearing Aid Can Sound Distorted
2014-04-07The iHEAR in Ear Hearing Device
2013-07-20Encoded Audio Signals Provide Second Screen Experiences at Most Disney Venues
2012-07-20Hearing Aid Types and Bluetooth Electronics
2012-06-25Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Technology
2012-05-15Bluetooth Technology and People who are Hard of Hearing
2011-11-11SpeechEasy - An Assistive Device for Stuttering
2011-10-28Hearing Loops - Assistive Listening Systems
2011-07-09Hearing Impaired Americans Receive ReSound Hearing Aids at Colorado Mission
2011-06-23ADA Assistive Listening Systems From Listen Technologies
2011-06-14Hearing Dummies Pave Way for Custom Hearing Aids
2011-05-13Protecting Users from Potential Dangers of Listening Devices and Hearing Aids
2011-05-11ReSound Hearing Aid Adapts to Users Changing Amplification Needs
2011-05-11Lowering Hearing Aid Cost Doesn't Increase Purchases
2011-04-28Learning to Use Hearing Aids
2011-03-31Songbird Hearing Launches Songbird Clear Sound Enhancement Product
2011-02-18Making Hearing Aids Affordable
2011-01-18ReSound Introduces Hearing Better Seminars to Help Patients Overcome Stigma of Hearing Loss
2011-01-11Hybrid Cochlear Implant - Individuals With Partial Hearing Loss
2011-01-04ReSound Creates Revolutionary Design in Custom Hearing Aids
2010-09-30Deaf Education: Changed by Cochlear Implantation
2010-09-21Guide to Using Hearing Aids
2010-07-19Socioeconomic Status not Associated with Access to Cochlear Implants
2010-05-18Cochlear Implants Less Beneficial in Seniors
2010-05-12Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aid
2010-03-18Implanted Hearing System Approved by FDA
2009-10-28Siemens New Hearing Aid Models
2009-08-05Making Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants Clearer
2009-03-30Cell Phone and Pager Ring Tone Amplifier
2009-01-29Songbird Hearing Aid - Sleek Design Great Sound Quality
2009-01-21Easy to Use Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors
2009-01-20Text Phones for the Deaf
2009-01-17Hearing Aids: How They Work, Types and Reviews
2009-01-17Communication Devices for Hearing Loss
2009-01-17Behind the Ear Hearing Aids
2009-01-17What are Assistive Listening Devices

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